“This lifestyle change is one of the easiest and best decisions I’ve made”

Before and after

Before and after

After two pregnancies, Simonee found herself a lot heavier than she was comfortable with, experiencing no self control and feeling twice her age. She was constantly baking sugary foods and was a slave under her cravings.

Then she found what worked for her – one of the “easiest and best decisions” she’s made. Here’s how it has transformed her life.

The E-mail

Hello Dr. Andreas,

The picture on the left is me at about 177-180 lbs (80 kg), the picture on the right is me at about 157 lbs (71 kg) currently. Prior to my 20s and being married, I was effortlessly thin. Once I got married, we ate out constantly. We were pigging out and happy. I was 188 pounds (85 kg) before I knew it and then got pregnant with my first son. After a few years and several different diets I lost weight. I got down to 165 lbs (75 kg) or so. Then I got pregnant with my second son and gained about 40 pounds topping off at 208 lbs (94 kg). Once I had him, I got down to 190 lbs (86 kg) and had to work hard to get the rest off. I exercised daily, tried veganism which lasted all of two days, if that. I was a pescatarian (just seafood) for eight months. I managed to get down to 162 lbs (73 kg).

Then came baking. I became a stay-at-home mom and discovered I was a really good baker. I ate freshly baked goods by the dozens on a daily basis. I had no self control. I loved baking but I hated myself. I was in pain daily. My vision would get very blurry after a sugar binge. My sugar levels registered as pre-diabetic at one point. I hated the way I looked, I was so uncomfortable in my own skin. I tried sheer will power and portion control but nothing worked. I was always hungry or craving. I would start the day off well but by 2pm I was binging on everything. I would tell myself I can eat what I want today and start my diet over tomorrow since I had already messed up. I’d always start over and be finished by 2 pm. I lived like this for a while getting back up to 185 lbs (84 kg).

I was tired of myself, tired of my lack of control, tired of feeling double my age in the morning. I saw an advertisement for dietdoctor.com. I begin reading every article and success story I could lay my eyes on until my motivation tank was full. What really stood out to me was the fact that I could gain the ability to listen to my body and trust it to tell me when I was hungry and when I was full once I eliminated carbs, specifically processed ones. Also not being forced to eat breakfast. My body hates food before 11:00 am. On June 20, 2016 I prayed and asked God for the strength to act on the knowledge I had acquired, I took the 2-week challenge and I haven’t stopped.

Prior to this lifestyle I would force myself to eat breakfast in the morning because “breakfast is the most important meal”. Now I listen to my body. I rarely snack and I’m hardly hungry. I’m never ravenously hungry like I used to be where my decisions were impaired and I would choose poor foods. Now hunger gradually happens and I am in control enough to choose cucumbers, salmon and avocado. I’m not obsessed with food anymore. I am able to choose health over immediate gratification.

I am by no means a perfect follower. I almost backslid on Labor Day. I had Doritos and felt like my stomach was an empty pit. I couldn’t get full. The feeling of being out of control started to creep back. I had the opportunity to reset my eating and I was able to get back on track.

This lifestyle change is one of the easiest and best decisions I’ve made. I’m always satisfied, it saves me money on groceries because my eyes aren’t bigger than my stomach. I’m even able to maintain this lifestyle though my family doesn’t eat the same way. My relationship with food has changed and for that I am super grateful! I am down 23 pounds and down about 2 to 3 dress sizes. I’d like to lose about 10 to 15 more but I am so happy with my progress in just 90 days that I just had to share! Thank you Dr. Andreas for inspiring people to change the trajectory of their health for the better!



So glad to hear that you’ve found a way of eating that fits you perfectly Simonee, congratulations to the great progress!

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  1. Chrissy
    Out of respect to Andreas, all the team at dietdoctor.com, Gary Taubes, Nina Teicholz, Dr Jason Fung and many, many others who advocate for a sane approach to diet and who continue to try to help us all, I post this. Your work is too important for it to be contaminated/ prostituted? like this! I find it unbelievable that this guy, Jimmy Moore is still running these low carb cruises. He had done so well in his life with his huge weightloss and gained so much respect but now whenever I see him online his body just gets fatter and fatter. Jimmy get some help and do the right thing and resign as an ambassador for low carb living, (I know it brings in money but hey, ever heard the word INTEGRITY bro??). And ALL you Drs and other professionals who support this guy..support him where it counts..in his battle with his weight NOT as some icon of the low carb movement.
  2. gbl
    While I do not agree with calling someone out publicly, I have noticed many low-carb professional proponents are morbidly overweight, in spite of having been low-carbing for years. This really does not instill confidence that LCHF is valid and the proponents honest and trustworthy. I do see the DD low carb proponents are all great role-models for what they teach. But what is going on elsewhere?
    Reply: #4
  3. Pierre
    If they are fat, it is because they eat to much and they are sedentary.
    Take a look at her, she is almost 50 years olds and she follows a ketogenic diet.


  4. Chrissy
    I appreciate your comment gbl and 'calling out' someone is not something I do lightly. I had seen video from both a. AUS/NZ visit he did in 2013 (I think) and then video from The South African convention in Feb 2015 (I believe it was). Both times the mans' girth seemed to only be getting larger, probably not unlike his bank account imho. Cruises around the Caribbean every year..Nice life for some for sure! I feel for the gullible is all. They deserve better..everyone does and when you hold yourself up in the public arena as a spokesperson/role model then YES there IS an accountability that is expected. I am disappointed the link has been pulled. I think serious discussion on this kind of matter (whilst not wishing to harrass a particular individual) is worthy of consideration.

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