“I’ve done low carb for so long that I’ve forgotten how it started”

Rolf found LCHF even before it was called LCHF in Sweden, meaning before 2005 or so. He’s lost almost 70 pounds and that’s not even the main benefit for him:

The Email

I’ve done low carb for so long that I’ve almost forgotten how it started. In those days it wasn’t called LCHF, that came later, but the name LCHF seems to work well – I can’t think of a better one. But one thing I find strange is that the authorities still disapprove of LCHF – why???

And almost all physicians and people in general disapprove of LCHF – why??? It works.

That’s why I think websites like this one are great – and I wish there could be more of them, well there are a few more, but none as big and good as this one. And for example success stories such as Camilla Läckberg (Swedish, very well-known author) – incredibly good!

And I often look at before and after pictures – they’re really good.

Now, time for a picture of me. I’ve lost 30 kg (66 lbs.), but that’s not so important – no, the important part is how I feel, and I feel really, really good.

– Rolf


Congratulations to your improved health and weight loss Rolf! Great to hear from a a long-time low-carber!

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