“I can go 24 hours without even thinking about food”

Before and after

Before and after

Paul is a big fan of the low-carb diet. When he added more FAT to his low-carb diet almost every aspect of his life improved… amazingly high energy levels, mental clarity and, of course, weight loss. He never wants to go back to sugary ready-made food, bad sleep and the need to eat every 30 minutes. Here’s his story:

The Email

Hi Andreas, I hope this is not too long …

I started having problems controlling weight and food intake around 20 years ago, and over time I tried to loose weight “white knuckle” dieting, and counting calories. I did have some success with this, but the weight always returned as I was unaware of the reaction my body was having to grains, sugar and starches. I did not realize how hopeless the situation was and I was not happy.

However, I did have a very successful experience on the Atkins diet around ten years ago, but I was ignorant of the science and was fearful of the fat intake. Overcoming this is what has truly changed my life. When a friend of mine told me about the paleo diet a few years ago, it seemed to all make sense, which lead me to start researching the science on the web. I watched all of Andreas Eenfeldt’s videos, Dr Eric Westman and more, and I dabbled here and there but was unable to sustain LCHF because of my lack of fat intake.

Then I saw Butter Bob Briggs video entitled “Butter Makes Your Pants Fall Off“. This was exactly what I needed to see the way forward. I had been missing the key element in all of this that had been staring me in the face all along, and that is FAT. So I decided to go for it, after all, I was surely going to drop dead of a heart attack from sugar, so why not fat…?

Well, after a few weeks of some tiredness and headaches (a tiny price to pay for what lay ahead) my body then fully switched over to burning fat (keto adapted) and all I can say is, I then took off like a rocket. Now everything has improved, from amazing energy levels, skin irritation cleared up, sleep greatly improved, no more tiredness, self consciousness or depression, heartburn, acid reflux, and most of all a feeling of well being that is absolutely indescribable. My mind is calm and I feel so balanced and focused day in and day out.

The weight loss is why I started this in the first place, but I have subsequently found that just about every area of my life has improved, and that the weight loss is only been a part of this amazing transformation. With the major improvement being in mental health.

I’m now 17 weeks into this and the thought of returning to the processed sugary supermarket food, breads and cakes seeming less and less likely. It’s just not worth it. And without the impulse/compulsion caused by the sugar and insulin spikes, I no longer need those foods in my life anyway. I’m eating coconut oil, butter, fish, veg, nuts, meat, bacon and eggs, strawberries and cream, I’m loving it and can sometimes go up to 24 hours without even thinking about food, other than to be amazed that I do not feel the urge to eat every 30 minutes.

I run 1.5 miles every 2 days, I’m cycling 5 miles every other day, and I occasionally swing kettle bells in the morning, but I’m not making a big deal out of exercise. It’s just another way to help me feel great. I see so many people out there who are slaves to those toxic sugary carbohydrate foods who are totally unaware of LCHF, and it’s a crime. I try to tell people about it, but I have to pull back as I get so excited, and I’m conscious of coming over as a fanatical nut case.

If only they knew how good full ketosis feels. All I can say is, the sooner you get started, the sooner you’re going to look, feel and think 100 times better than you do now.

A foot note to all of this is, I’m a recovering alcoholic of over 20 years continuous sobriety, and it is my opinion (which you are free to disregard at will), that my inability to control carbohydrates and sugar is in some way connected, or indeed one in the same, to the issues I had with alcohol. And that is, if I start, I cannot stop and this applies to both carbs and drinking. Not to mention the effect this all has on the mind and moods. This I feel could warrant a whole different article so I will not dwell, but I did want to mention it here as I feel it is important.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy LCHF.



Congratulations Paul! Adding more healthy fats to a low-carb diet is often a very good idea. 


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  1. Jeroen
    "I then took off like a rocket." Yeah, that's what it feels like!
  2. Katherine
    Congratulations Paul! I continue to be amazed at how, like you, food no longer has the same 'hold' over me. After a lifetime of struggling with my weight, the battle is over - and I won! Thank you LCHF!
  3. Jay Powell
    Yes Paul , I also have had very similar results and an experience very much like yours! I too have been sober and clean for over 20 years and I also feel there has been a corolation of addiction Between alcohol and carbs. This is a very positive change in my life and I feel great! I am planning on this change as a permanant life style. Thanks to Dr Andreas Eenfeldt and this great program at Diet Doctor .com I have become better educated and have truly changed my thinking on the LCHF way of life. I too was worried about the high fat part early on but as I feel better the proof is in the pudding! Thanks for your testimony Paul , and keep up the good work brother, I can tell you will.

    Sincerely , Jay

  4. Carol
    I don't think you imagined the link between blood sugar stabalization and controlling alcohol cravings. I think I have read about that on Dr Sandra Cabot's website.
  5. Betsy
    Author Kathleen de Maisson has written about the link between alcohol and sugar cravings. In her work with alcoholics she discovered that hypoglycemia is rampant, exacerbated by sugar consumption. I wonder why cookies and donuts are so frequently available at AA meetings?! Congrats on your wonderful success.
  6. John Stoll
    Ok, here is my situation. I am stuck at 240lbs. I am not someone who fits the normal height to weight scale. I have always been muscular and athletic. I am on the ideal protein diet. I eat less than 30 carbs a day. I do not eat sugar, bread pasta ........I do not drink alcohol. But I am stuck at 240. My ideal weight is 210.

    Ideal protein meals typically have 1-7 carbs , 180 calories and 19-22 grams of protein. I eat or drink three of these a day. In addition I eat a lot of protein. Let's say 20 to 30 oz.. I have read some of the blogs that say no more than .6 to 1 gram of protein per day for every lb of lean body mass. I figure lean body mass to be (weight - (weight x percent of body fat)). For me this equals about 164. Does that mean I should only eat 164 grams of protein a day???????? And should I be replacing that with fat? And if so, how much and what kind? Are we talking about butter, avacados or what kind of fat.

    I know this is long but I have been carb and suger free and eating high protein for a while and it is not working.

    Any suggestions on how much protein and fat would be helpful.


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  7. Paul
    Hi John, for me it's about more fat than anything else. Fat satiates my appetite so much I just don't need much of anything. I didn't weigh or measure anything. Butter, eggs and bacon for breakfast and then meat and veg mid to late afternoon, and that's me done. Sometimes just butter or even bullet proof coffee for breakfast can do me for 24 hours. Maybe try cutting the protein right down for a couple of weeks..?
  8. Apicius
    John Stoll: I agree with Paul. Reduce protein, and increase fat. Not that it's not just "low carb"...LCHF means low carb high fat. When you eat high protein (with low carb and low fat) you induce gluconeogenesis...which means your body manufactures glucose from the protein you eat. Also, protein is also much more insulinogenic, while fat is not. In conjunction with LCHF, try intermittent fasting as well. For instance, eat your food within a 4 hour window, as example from 6 pm to 10 pm. And then only drink water or tea or chicken broth between the other 20 hours. Intermittent fasting with LCHF is a powerful weight loss method.
  9. Mark
    Way to go Paul. Agree with you and Jay, definite correlation between alcohol addiction and carb/sugar addiction. I'm new to sobriety but certainly feel the same way. Great work, thanks for sharing.
  10. Peter
    I am also intrigued with how controlling my eating habits is also helping me to develop more self control in other areas of my life. There is a definite "spillover" effect that goes beyond just emotional stability and mental clarity into other areas of life. These include work and relationships. The effects are cumulative - the longer you use this diet the more the benefits develop.
  11. gbl
    I have now done a 16/8 fast three times. I noted what I ate when broke I fast. I ate just under 1,000 calories the first time, the second time around 600 calories, the third over 900. Fasting is calorie control. I was not hungry enough to eat more, so I agree, fasting quels hunger.

    Added trivial fact: Donating blood requires your body to use approximately 500 calories to bring your blood component back up to snuff.

    Another 5 lbs down.
    Not diabetic.

  12. BrownEyedGirl
    I need help, I am 300 lbs .
    Reply: #13
  13. Tim
    The obvious solution is to stop eating...then peruse this site to learn what you can eat that won't exacerbate the problem.
  14. paul
    I'm convinced alcohol cravings are linked to carb cravings, I noticed an immediate reduction in my desire to drink alcohol after going on an lchf diet. I haven't had any alcohol in a few weeks and before my diet change that would have been unthinkable.
  15. RT
    I agree with Paul, based on my own experiences, though of course I would also be interested in seeing some sort of level 1 evidence to that effect. I’ve been doing LCHF for awhile and by a somewhat unexpected series of events which which would up in a craft beer bar last night. I though “what the hell,” and ordered one, then ordered one more as I thought it was last call. I drank them, and yet I didn’t truly enjoy them. As for beer cravings generally, they do happen, particularly after work on the train back home. And yet I find that if I just push through it, go home, and have dinner (LCHF), the cravings disappear.
    Another interesting and ironic element of this anecdote is that, stepping on the scale this morning, my weight was less than the morning before I had drunk those beers.
    This may have partly been due to the fact that my “breakfast” had consisted of a couple of iced coffees with heavy cream, I’d had no lunch because like a lot of people doing low carb I stay full longer, and the situation last evening precluded getting any dinner (I will spare you the details; suffice it say I was rescuing a terribly intoxicated acquaintance).
    I had long wondered (and it is often debated, I think) whether occasional beer-drinking is sustainable with LCHF. I suppose, based on this experience, that it is for at least some people, and yet I don’t really want to anymore...
  16. RT
    Edit to comment #15 above: Those two beers left me with a pretty nasty headache the next morning (I had gotten home after 2:00 in the morning). So less desire for booze and a lower tolerance seems to be the effect, at least in my case.
  17. RT
    My apologies for the typos.
  18. Mary Formosa
    Hi Paul.I really love macadamia nuts almonds hazelnut.How many carbs are you allowed a day in say macadamia nutsThanks Mary

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