How can I change my body’s set point weight permanently?


Is it common to reach a weight-loss plateau, even if you eat a strict low-carb diet? How can I change my body’s set point weight permanently? And can LCHF cause insomnia?

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How can I change my body’s set point weight permanently?

I have gained and lost many times, but I return to the same weight with a little extra. Can my set point be changed even though I am 66 years young?


Yes, but you’ll have to change your lifestyle permanently as well. A temporary change in lifestyle (like a temporary change in diet) will only give a temporary change in weight. As soon as you return to your earlier lifestyle you’ll return to the same weight (or higher).

Here are changes in your lifestyle that you may want to consider.

Andreas Eenfeldt

My weight loss slowed down – even though I’m still on strict LCHF!


I have started LCHF from 9th of February (I am woman weighed 90 kg – 198 lbs at that time), and lost about 3 kg (7 lbs) in the first two weeks, and it was good till week #5 when I reached 85 kg (187 lbs), but from that time till now (week #7) not much happens. Sometimes the scale shows 86 kg (190 lbs) even. Is this normal? I am on a strict low-carb diet, and don’t eat more than 20 grams a day. How can I speed up the process? I have started intermittent fasting recently.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Yes, very normal, temporary plateaus are experiences by just about everyone. Keep going and you’ll likely break through, intermittent fasting can speed up the process.

More about weight-loss plateaus

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Can eating LCHF cause insomnia?

Can eating lchf cause insomnia? I have been in ketosis for 4 weeks and started having insomnia. If this is the cause, will it subside at some point?


It may, yes. Some people get very energized in ketosis, which is great during the day, less good if you’re having trouble sleeping.

Reducing ketosis should also reduce any insomnia.

More about low-carb side effects and how to cure them

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  1. Anthony
    I can't get rid of my last bit of belly fat. I have been on a LCHF diet since June of 2016. I am relatively consistent with keeping my carb intake below 50g's of carbs/ day and very consistent at keeping it below 100g's of carbs/ day. I have also done intermittent fasting for a while. I do crossfit 3-5x's a week and am wondering if you have any tips on losing the last bit of beelly fat on my abdominals.
    My weight has increased but my body composition has changed. I am looking to gain more muscle mass as well.
    Could you help as I seem to have been on a plateau for a while.
  2. Peter
    I have the same problem as Anthony. I am a 63 yr old male and currently 82 kgs (technically overweight) down from 102 kgs in June 2016 but nothing has moved for 3 months now. I am reasonably strict 25 grams of Carbs a day occasionally going to a max of 100 grams on special outings. I do 16:8 every day and have done for years even before I knew about intermittent fasting. I sometimes do a 24hr fast but always my weight seems to return to 82 kgs. I just can't seem to shift it. My blood sugar is 4.9 (non diabetic fasting) and keytones 0.9 (blood measurement). A comprehensive article/study on this on Diet Doctor would help many people I think.
  3. Srinath
    I am facing the same problem, only I got there by doing multiday fasts with 1 meal between. Fasting up to 20 days and eating once and going another 8 etc etc.
    I want to eliminate the sub cutaneous I can grab and maybe keep it that way a few months so the visceral fat will all get used up too. Hopefully that will permanently change my weight set point.

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