“Thank the lord for the LCHF diet!”

Before and after

Before and after

For a couple of years Victoria tried to lose weight on a low-fat diet, and envied her skinny friends. It just did not work for her.

Here’s what happened when she tried doing the opposite:

The Email

Hi, I’m Victoria.

The first pic was me at 13 years old. The other one is of me presently at 16. At the point of the first pic, I had practically given up. I was always tired, sad and insecure. I was saving up money for low-fat products and always envious of my skinny friends. I was wondering why I was making no progress because I cut out fat and at that point I thought eating fat made you fat. How dumb I was. After two straight years of lies and lies and more lies, I finally got the answer.

I read a magazine of how Kim Kardashian got her body back because of a low-carb high-fat diet. So I searched low carb and found this site. I followed all the instructions and after as little as two weeks I was seeing amazing results. I DIDN’T realize how my body didn’t have to rely on carbs for energy and it felt great. I didn’t need unnecessary carbs and sugar and I didn’t overeat. As you can see in the photos, it has made a big impact on my life. Thank the lord for the LCHF diet!!!!

PS: It is okay to post my pictures and my age :) my name is Victoria ?.


Congratulations, Victoria, and thank you for sharing your encouraging story and inspiring others!

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  1. Susan
    Great results! I'm so happy you found the answer so young. You can enjoy life now instead of spending your young adult life feeling frustrated. Not to mention being healthier and feeling more energetic. Keep it going!
  2. Tamarah
    Victoria congratulations to you for finding LCHF a lifestyle that is sustainable for the rest of your life . You never have to worry about T2Diabetes or cholesterol,, or heart disease and the list just goes on . You will be fortunate enough to live a prescription free lifestyle . Now get out there and spread the words to all your friends and Family. And lets get this LCHF lifestyle in the limelight and save some lives ... I am so proud of you .


  3. Dan
  4. Jo
    Fantastic and at such a young age. Well done for finding the way.
  5. Chez
    MASSIVE well done!!! You should be so so proud of yourself :-) xx
  6. Zora
    Well done Victoria! You look Amazing. Should be proud. X
  7. Imani
    Great Job!!! I'm 24 still trying to figure it out lol
  8. Judy Morton
    I thank the Lord, too. I needed His help in breaking my carb addiction. I am now past that. Now, I am learning not to over eat.

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