Reversing diabetes after a visit to the emergency room

Before and after

Before and after

I received a fascinating story from Anthony in Australia about what happened when he ended up in the emergency room, where it was discovered that he had high blood pressure. This led him to search for better health on his own, not following the usual diet recommendations he was given. Here’s his story:

The Email

Hi Doctor Andreas,

Here is my story!

In January 2014 my family was enjoying a well-earned holiday on the Australian Central Coast, just north of Sydney. Unfortunately, I came down with an eye infection that led to a visit to the local Emergency/Casualty department. Upon arrival, my blood pressure was taken as a matter of normal procedure. It measured 195/110. The nurse immediately gave me an ECG test that fortunately showed no abnormalities in my heart. However, I was urged to visit my GP to further investigate this alarmingly high blood pressure reading.

My doctor confirmed the extremely high blood pressure and ordered appropriate blood tests. I was also immediately put on blood pressure medication. The blood test revealed I had diabetes with my HbA1c result measuring 7.4. My fasting blood sugar was 9 (162 mg/dl). He recommended a visit to the practice dietician for advice on losing weight and improving my diet as a first measure in managing my diabetes. The dietician showed me the famous ‘plate’ and gave me the usual recommendations on a healthy diet.

However, like any obsessed person who has access to the Internet, I googled my condition and found that this disease is both permanent and progressive. Most likely I would die of a sudden heart attack while bouncing around on one leg and being blind for good measure. Pumped with adrenalin, caused by fear of my imminent demise, I then googled ‘cures for diabetes’ and soon found a pathway to your website as well as the recent ‘Newcastle University’ study on reversing diabetes through weight reduction. Dr Michael Mosley’s sites on the fast diet and fast exercise also proved to be very valuable.

I made a decision to change my life!

1. I would eat ‘real food’ and dramatically cut my intake of sugar and carbohydrates while increasing my consumption of natural fats and proteins.

2. I would engage in a program of intermittent fasting using Doctor Mosley’s five/two approach.

3. I began lifting weights three times a week to increase muscle mass.

4. I undertook a high intensity training program (based on fast exercise) which consisted of four ‘flat out’ sprints of 30 seconds with 90 second rest periods between them.

Listed below is a summary of my initial results and starting statistics as at January 20, 2014. Besides them are my current readings as at 6 June 2014 (my own personal ‘D Day’!). I am 54 years old.

Summary of health markers

Summary of health markers

(copies of both blood tests are included)

The good news is that I have effectively reversed my diabetes and now have a normal blood pressure. I am taking no medications! My sleep apnea has disappeared much to my wife’s delight and I have been relatively free of new skin cancers for the first time in two years (I wonder about the link between sugar and cancer?).

Thank you for both the great information, as well as the inspiration, you give in relation to this horrible disease. It is indeed a brave person who is willing to stand apart from the established order.

Kind regards and best wishes,



Congratulations on reversing diabetes and improving your health in many other ways as well!


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