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Are you ready? The new year has arrived and so has our brand new weight-loss program. We’re so excited to launch Weight Loss for Good. Sign up now to start learning (and eating) with us on Monday.

We’ve made low carb and keto simple for a while, and now we want to make weight loss simple, too. We’ll cover what to eat and when to eat it. We’ll give you the best advice, tips, and tricks that are scientifically proven to help you lose weight.

Weight Loss for Good is different from other programs. It works in the long run. If you want healthy weight-loss habits that you can use for life, this is for you. This isn’t just a new year. This program can help you develop a new life. There will be no short-term fixes or promises of looking amazing in your speedo come May. Lasting habits take time to build. And gradual, healthy weight loss is the best way to make it last — for good.

We’ve prepared two programs in one. Our Crash Course covers twenty topics in twenty days. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about weight loss on one page per day. Get all our best tips quickly, so you can implement them as soon as possible.

Next, we revisit each topic, but go deeper. Our Deep Dives arrive Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. That’s three per week for the next seven weeks. For ten weeks, total, we promise to keep it lively and delicious, so it will fly by.

What’s on the menu? It varies each week, but don’t miss our well-spiced Tex-Mex casserole, mouthwatering butter burgers, and our newest fave, a seafood chowder, all coming your way this week. Every week has a different meal plan, and all of them combine our best keto recipes. We hope you love them.

We’ve been working on Weight Loss for Good for months, so please give it a try. It’s a pretty special project: a big collaboration between all of the Diet Doctor writers, editors, designers, and many more. We think it’s a unique and lasting way to help you lose the weight for good! It’s available exclusively for members now.

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