The power of primal play

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We all know that we should work out, that it’s good for you and so forth… But what if you don’t have time? And what if you hate exercising?

Guess what!? There’s still a solution to that. It’s called primal play.

Let Darryl Edwards explain the concept to you in this great presentation. Watch a segment above (transcript).

Watch it

The full 27-minute presentation is available (with captions and transcript) for members:

The Power of Primal Play – Darryl Edwards


Here’s what our members have said about the presentation:

Interesting talk, made me remember how good exercise makes you feel and how how lazy I have become and that I really need to get moving.
– Debra

It’s really made me think about how I look upon exercise as a chore. I’m going to investigate how I can turn it into something more than that!!
– Barbs

Top notch concept. FITT is a strategy that can be sustainable. I look forward to giving it a go!
– Gary

Great talk from someone that’s done the walk! I am loosing weight and feel so much better but I know when I go and do some exercise I will feel even better. I have become overweight and very lazy, depending on my walking as only form of exercise, Darryl motivates me to do some more and use my body for pushing, lifting, pulling, jumping, bouncing items, thanks Darryl for the inspiration.
– Roderick

If you are very busy and/or hate exercising a couple of 10 minute High intensity sessions a week would probably suffice. If you don’t like the idea of all that pain for however short a time something a little less ‘intense’ for a longer period would be more suitable. I think it’s all about what suits you and your lifestyle. The point is that you shouldn’t use exercise as a weight-loss tool but as something to increase your fitness and be enjoyable.
– Tina

I am very interested in learning more about primal play. My family has been low carb for several months now and have reaped benefits. We are now switching to, still low carb, but primal eating. My goal from day one has been to work on myself and then get training in fitness and nutrition to help others like myself achieve their goals as well. I meet a lot of people who think this is out of their reach and ability who rely on other methods, thinking weight loss is the only goal and don’t see the big picture on wellness. I would like more information on how to make this happen in my area. Hope to hear from Darryl about this.
– Debra

The Power of Primal Play – Darryl Edwards

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