Should You NOT Eat Your Vegetables?

Could you be better off reducing your vegetable intake – or just skip it all together? And could ketosis be helpful in preventing Alzheimer’s disease and treating mood disorders?

This is an interesting interview with psychiatrist Dr. Georgia Ede, who answers all these questions.

You can watch a segment from the video interview above (transcript). The full interview is available on our member site:

A Ketogenic Diet and Fewer Vegetables – Dr. Georgia Ede

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A Ketogenic Diet for Beginners


  1. Carmina Brown
    Two weeks. I have lost 10 pounds, my blood pressure has improved. I find the diet easy to follow and the daily e-mails help me stick to the diet . I still want to lose 15 more, but I can see now that I can do this. Thank you
  2. Karl Ingoldsby
    I have been eating Low Carb High Fat for over a month and am being very strict. I have gained weight! My blood sugar is back to normal, besides an occasional overnight spike. What am I doing wrong? I eat the same thing most days.
    Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled with bacon and butter, 24 oz of coffee with 3 packets of Splenda and heavy cream.
    Lunch: The keto diet cabbage and burger casserole or keto burgers and butter fried cabbage.
    Dinner Either the items above that I had for lunch or steak.

    I am starting to get frustrated about not losing weight.

    I started exercising last week and still no movement on the scale. ( I am up 5 pounds since starting)

  3. D Knowles
    Stop using the Splenda. Any sweeteners, real or artificial create a reaction in the brain and leads to cravings. Trust me, it only takes a few days to get over the desire for sweet things. You might try going totally meat, no veggies or dairy, until your body adapts. Best of luck. Know that you are on the right path, and that your body may take up to two months to adapt.
  4. David
    Hi Karl, once you're keto adapted the old 'calories in, calories out' fable becomes somewhat true. So if you eat more than you burn (and lose from your stool), you 'll gain weight. Fortunately it's much more difficult to overeat in keto but it's still possible. If your situation persists you might try skipping a meal or 2 a day. I only do diner and some nuts in the evening and am never hungry.
  5. Joanna
    I have had the same problem. Everything Keto is also mostly protein & I understand that too much protein will be converted to carbs and hinder any weight loss. I do not find the Keto diet easy either & especially not going hungry as I nearly always am still hungry.

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