“The LCHF diet is the answer”

Before and after

Before and after

Susi lives in Indonesia, and like her friends she was taught that carbs were healthy and the best source of energy. But she did not feel good, and she lacked energy.

This is what happened when she did the exact opposite of the advice she had been given:

The E-mail

Hello, my name is Susi.

I’m the one who’s doing the LCHF diet. I live in Surabaya City, Indonesia. I’m doing the LCHF diet because I’m so happy I can eat many foods that are very delicious but still remain healthy and slim. I’ve been doing the LCHF diet for almost 20 months. For me this is a blessing from God because I know that the LCHF diet is the answer to my prayers to God. For many years I prayed to God that I want to be slim and of course healthy too and the LCHF diet is the answer.

In eight months I lost weight, 33 pounds (15 kg), and am now relatively stable but my body became thin. The one who taught me about the LCHF diet is Christian. I also learned about the LCHF diet from Prof. Jeff Volek and Dr. Stephen Phinney. Two years ago Christian and me were just friends and now we are already married. I also help my friends who want to be healthy and slim by teaching them about the LCHF diet. For Indonesian people, the LCHF diet is hard to do because of our culture that taught us that sugar and carbs are foods that should be consumed every day. We were also taught that carbs are the best energy source. In the LCHF diet I know that is very wrong. Fruits also become dessert in Indonesia but that’s also wrong because fruits has lots of sugar.

I am also grateful to know the LCHF diet and that it has become my lifestyle. I’m not greedy with foods. I have lots of energy to do many activities. For information, I was very lazy and didn’t have energy for doing many activities. The most important thing is that my blood lipids became good, I haven’t had a fever again, I don’t consume medicine from the doctor, my skin has become soft and acne blemishes are already gone. Acne scars are also gone, my stomach is also going better with the LCHF diet. I hope that the doctor who examined the LCHF diet could be present in Indonesia to promote this diet to help so many people get healthy and survive.


We’re so happy to hear that things are going so great for you, Susi. It is truly inspiring!

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