“I feel like the Neo character in The Matrix. Everything I was taught about healthy eating was a lie”

Before and after

Before and after

Tim knew he had put on a little extra weight, but when his doctor’s report came back in, he got insulted by the word marked out at the top of the paper: “obese”.

That was a rude beginning, but Tim’s doctor made up for it by advising him to “cut the carbs”. This is what happened next:

The Email

I was forty eight in 2012, when my company started doing wellness screenings for insurance purposes. This included blood work, meeting with a doctor, and filling out some questionnaires. I have had acid reflux since my early 20’s, but I had recently been put on blood pressure and cholesterol meds.

When the report came back, handwritten on the top in black sharpie was “obese”.

I knew I had put on some weight and I had gotten up to 235 lbs, but I couldn’t believe they would call me obese. I got mad and insulted. I complained to my co-workers for months, and then I went up to 240 lbs and I also had a 30 year High School reunion coming up.

I decided to make some changes. I bought some exercise equipment and I gave up French Fries, which was only symbolic because I only ate them once a week. I worked out quite vigorously for months and went from 240-217lbs in about four months. I was pretty happy with the weight loss, so I continued on until May of 2014 when I went to see my doctor.

I was down 30 lbs and I expected a pat on the back. He said good job, but I still needed to lose 25 lbs. I was at a loss, and I had also hit a road block with weight loss through exercise, and I told him so. He told me “cut the carbs”, ” no bread, no pasta, no rice, and no potatoes, and cut out the really sweet fruit.” I was a carboholic and those were my five favorite food groups.

A friend of mine at work who was already going low carb showed me your web site and we watched your presentation on the demonization of fat in the 1980s. I went for it and the 25 lbs fell off over about four months. I also noticed some other changes, like I wasn’t tired all the time, I didn’t have that, “I’ve got to eat” feeling every 2 hours after meals. No more shaky low sugar feeling.

When I went back to see my Doctor a year later in May 2015, I was down 55 lbs from my heaviest, he decided to take me off of my blood pressure meds with monitoring, and he took me off of my cholesterol medications. He asked me to come back in three months to recheck the blood work and pressure.

When I saw him next to follow up, he was ecstatic, and almost in tears. He said there were very few of his patients that he had ever taken off either medications but he said I didn’t need any of them any more. I had also quit taken my acid reflux medications that I had been on for almost thirty years.

So now I’m no longer mad about being called obese, it probably saved me from an early grave. I am mad at the U.S. FDA, the cereal manufacturers, the low fat liars.

I now happily share my success with others. I’ve had many people who ask how I did it. I always give dietdoctor.com as a great starting place. Some people ignore the advice, usually saying they could never give up bread. However, a handful have had similar weight loss and and have told me I changed their lives and was a motivation for them to start. I’m always happy to help someone get started. I do have to resist giving advice in the check out line at the grocery store. People don’t want to hear my advice when they are unloading their low fat microwave dinners, into the check out line.

So the weight loss is one thing, but the general wellness and healthy happiness is what keeps me enthusiastic.

By the way, almost a year later my blood pressure is still 116/75 or better and I forgot to add my wife tells me I don’t snore anymore. I think I actually had sleep apnea but it was undiagnosed, but no more.

I feel like the Neo character in the Matrix. Everything I ever was taught about healthy eating was a lie. I’ve woken up and become aware of the lie. I’m obsessive about spreading my success with my friends. I am constantly answering the same questions, usually involving, whole grain bread versus white bread and wild rice versus white rice, honey versus sugar. The confusion is rampant and the solution is simple. Your website cuts right to the truth.

Thanks for everything.

Tim Smith


Congratulations Tim! Being able to get off medications is a great thing. Keep up the good work!

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  1. BobM
    That is a great story, Tim! Congratulations!

    I also used to snore (and think it likely was sleep apnea), but my wife says I haven't snored in a long time (now, only when I have congestion, which is rare).

    Like you, I feel cheated and angry that the (still-current) guidelines are so carb-heavy. The scientific evidence for that has and is lacking, yet the guidelines persist. I'm convinced that if I had not listened to the guidelines many years ago (30+), I never would have gained weight and had the problems I had. Now, like you, I have boundless energy (with basically very few to no carbs -- or food for that matter -- per day), something I did not have before. And I have no difficulty exercising.

  2. Steath
    Lack of snoring is not adequate to determine whether or not you have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a dangerous condition, and among it's insidious problems is the fact that it causes issues with the hormones that regulate insulin, leptin, grehlin and cortisol.

    Low care diets are wonderful, but they will not "cure" sleep apnea in every case.

    If you have even the slightest suspicion that you have sleep apnea, EVEN IF YOU HAVE LOST WEIGHT AND STOPPED SNORING, you MUST get tested. Please ask your doctor for a referral. Never assume, because you simply cannot tell without proper testing.

    Reply: #7
  3. Pierre
    "I had also quit taken my acid reflux medications that I had been on for almost thirty years."

    This is a classic symptom of wheat intolerance.

  4. Tom H.
    "He told me “cut the carbs”"

    Stop the presses! His doctor him to cut carbs? His DOCTOR?

    There may yet be hope.

  5. Tim
    Tim sounds like a bit of an asshole.

    Getting mad at the doctor for stating the fact you were obese? Nice.

  6. bill
    I'd bet that the generation that is now
    in high school and college in the U.S.
    doesn't know what a healthy weight
    is. They think having thick arms, legs,
    necks and torsos is just okay. People
    tend to normalize what they commonly
    see. And, even though obesity has
    been normalized, it is still stigmatized.
    Cognitive dissonance on a whole
    population basis. Tim's first picture shows a man that
    appears well within the range of
    the majority of people I see every
    day, as probably does he. Thus he
    was appalled that his doctor (a wonderful
    man, by the way) told him he was
  7. BobM
    Sorry, Steath, but I have no signs of sleep apnea. I'm never tired, don't snore, don't stop breathing while sleeping (and my wife knows, as she's in bed reading while I'm sleeping), etc., NOW. Previously, I had many of those signs, especially according to my wife.

    So, in my case, low carb and IF (intermittent fasting) means I have no symptoms of sleep apnea.

  8. Mark
    Good work, looking great!!

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