Give Julian Bakery what they deserve


This is not right. As I’ve mentioned before, Julian Bakery has been selling some very obviously fake low-carb bread:

One woman with diabetes got so upset about this blood-sugar-raising bread that she payed for an independent analysis. The result? The nutrition info was not even close, Julian Bakery’s “low-carb” bread contained loads of carbohydrates. A whopping 17 times more than the label implied!

This woman even started a not-for-profit website to spread the truth about the carb content of Julian Bakery’s bread and other low-carb scams.

The result? Julian Bakery is suing her for “defamation and slander”! She was reportedly just served court papers. As she does not have money for an attorney she will have to use free legal aid – a problem that Julian Bakery hardly has.

It’s only slander if it isn’t true. It seems like Julian Bakery is trying to silence a prominent critic of their low-carb scams.

Time for justice

I think these dishonest people deserve some internet justice. If you agree then give them a well-deserved review on Google and the results will show up every time someone googles their name. Their grade is already less-than-stellar at 2.5 stars out of 5, due to assorted customer complaints, but that’s too high I think.

Julian Bakery on Google

Julian Bakery on Yelp (2/5 rating at the moment)

PS: I recommend this hilarious video (watched almost 500 000 times) about the problem with Julian Bakery’s new high-gluten low-carb bread (their new “low-carb” bread after they were forced to stop selling their earlier version). In addition to that problem there’s of course a gluten problem with the gluten.

Update: Discussion with the person behind Julian Bakery in the comments below.


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I have no financial interests in this or any other producer of low-carb products. I’m only interested in outing low-carb frauds.

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  1. nianbo
  2. Deborah Krueger
    I’m starting the New Year 2014 off with a bang. This is going to be a long post (I mean ridiculously long) and I hope you stay along for the ride.

    First a huge and SPECIAL THANK YOU to Dr. Eenfeldt who has supported me unerringly for the past 1½ years and to everyone who has supported me by either emailing, calling, or making comments on other sites. I hope most of you know whenever, wherever, and whatever I have written in any of several places that I always identify myself including contact information-so, this is me Deborah Krueger, writing to let you know what has happened in the last several months regarding the Heath Squier-Julian Bakery vs Deborah Krueger lawsuit. If you get this several times it is because I am putting it on three separate DietDoctor postings where as many people as possible will see it. I will also be posting it on my website. Some of you may not agree and that is OK and certainly your right. This is absolutely NOT about how good or how bad the Julian Bakery bread was or tasted and it is totally about Heath Squier knowingly targeting and marketing falsely labeled breads to people who believed those labels. (Watch The YouTube Video Posted Below)

    Heath Squier filed a Defamation lawsuit against me on October 18th, 2013 and I believe he knew at the time it would never fly. His idea was to squelch my first amendment right to free speech and to “make me pay” which is what Heath has posted several times elsewhere. In the end I have won in that I maintain my rights to free speech, my integrity is in tact, and most importantly I keep my FREEDOM. My websites will stay up and I am free to write here today because Heath dismissed his own lawsuit, certainly not anything a plaintiff would ever normally do when they think they have a good case.

    Unfortunately for Heath, he lives in California where the strongest Anti-Slapp laws exist. An Anti-Slapp or “slap back” allows a defendant (me) who has been charged with defamation or slander and with the intent of chilling their ability to exercise the rights of free speech guaranteed by the 1st Amendment, to fight back and that is what we were ready to do. Since Heath dismissed his own case we can not file the Anti-Slapp but if he ever decides to re-file, which he has threatened me with doing, we are ready and he would be unable to ever dismiss it again. Come hell or high water he would have to see it through and the outcome could be pretty ugly.

    One of the reasons Heath was not granted his initial Temporary Restraining Order is that the judge felt it would not only stifle my right to free speech but that the subject matter was certainly important and in the public’s interest, and particularly important to public health.

    Why was I the center in Heath’s target? Good question and I think there are several answers. 1.) I was just some poor old woman who could easily be squashed like a bug with a little (ill-gotten) Julian Bakery money. 2.) I latched on to Heath like a bulldog and didn’t let go. Pardon me, but I was pissed as hell and make no mistake-the Julian Bakery knowingly made millions of dollars selling falsely labeled breads and they have never been made to pay. 3.) Before I began testing his breads and commenting on blogs pretty much anything anyone had been saying was only anecdotal. Time was passing and people were forgetting and hey, with a daily targeted market of over 5,200 newly diagnosed diabetics, (see below) that had never seen or heard any of Dr. Eenfeldt’s or Jimmy Moore’s articles or any of the other hundreds of negative comments on the internet, Heath could just let a little time pass and then continue as usual. And as we know that this is what happens, this post will also pass and people will forget or lose interest which is why I feel it is important continuing to let people know. Remember the Dreamfields Pasta scandal? Well now there is, as I write, a class action lawsuit well underway.

    As Dan said above; Heath Squier should be made to pay back the millions he and his company bilked from diabetics and the low carb community and that would take a class action lawsuit against him. I am not that person but there is someone who qualifies as a perfect lead plaintiff (they have agreed) and I am pretty sure there are lawyers out there willing to take the case. (I have a list of them in California) Remember this: in a class action lawsuit no one pays any attorney fees. They are paid out of settlement proceeds because it is the attorney (or many attorneys) who do the work and post all the upfront monies. Honestly, it escapes me why a class action lawsuit against the Julian Bakery was not filed long ago.

    One of the chickenshit things Heath and his attorney did was contact my internet provider to have me take down his Julian Bakery logo along with a couple of other images. OK, no problem and his right to do it and I still say it was chickenshit. His images are copied and all over the internet. I was able to obtain a good image of him that he has no rights to and his logo? I made a much better one.

    One of the chickenshit lawsuit charges was that I interfered with the Julian Bakery “contractual relationships” with WHOLE FOODS. To my knowledge Whole Foods does not “contract” with its vendors. My attorney spoke with the head honcho attorney of Whole Foods and he was assured I did not interfere with anything. But I will say this; I would love to have been a fly on the paperwork as Heath lied his way into Whole Foods. I’ll bet they were doozies.

    On a blog post that began on April 13th, 2009 with a review of JB’s Smart Carb#1 bread and as far back as mid March of 2010 on Heath was talking about working with a lab and nutritionist (I assume his mother Barbara as he keeps calling her that). Heath’s quote to Doug Varrieus at in what appears as an email exchange with Heath “Doug, Our NUTRITIONAL LABEL was CAREFULLY CALCULATED by **WORKING WITH A LAB** and **NUTRITIONIST** that calculated the nutritional information of each ingredient based on the amounts we used plus the additional benefit of each grain being sprouted which aids in increased fiber and digestion of our bread”. Of course we all know that Heath had never had any of his breads tested until I came along. Think about this: I was the first person to ever actually have any Julian Bakery bread tested. If I am wrong then Heath can start producing his lab results from nearly 4 years ago.

    Doug was questioning JB’s breads in early 2010, about 1½ years before Dr. Eenfeldt and Jimmy Moore did their first (respective) negative Julian Bakery Posts in 2011 and almost 2½ years before I came along. So…hey Heath where are all those lab and diabetic tests you have promised myriad people all over the internet over the years? You know Heath; sometimes your statements can come back years later only to bite you in the ass. Bottom line: Heath Squier knew there were huge problems with his breads and did absolutely nothing about it for more than 2½ years until I spent many thousands of testing dollars and was finally able to get the FDA involved and to step in.

    Doug Varrieus later goes on to say: “Julians, [sic] you should be ashamed of yourselves making a statement like this one [Obviously many diabetics can eat our bread such as the person who wrote this blog who is a Type 2 Diabetic but other diabetics cannot]. It's the most ridiculous statement I've ever read. You have a responsibility to the public to be honest with your claims, you're putting people's health in jeopardy for your own profits! If you had a diabetic child I wonder if you'd feed your cow food to them? Of course you would'nt [sic]....grains are grains...Diabetics beware, if you eat this stuff you're eating bread that will spike your blood sugar. If it walks like a duck, waddles like a duck and quacks like a's a duck!”

    Heath goes on to say “We do SELL OUR SMART CARB BREAD TO 10,000+DIABETICS WHO EAT IT EVERYDAY without any problems. - Thank You”

    And then, low and behold 8 months later on December 11th, 2010 in saunters good old Johnny-come-lately Mr. Matt Besley (see more on Besley below) who to date is the only Type I diabetic to have ever made testimony to the old Smart Carb breads- now how do you suppose he made it to this blogspot? Directed by Heath perhaps?

    Fast forward nearly 3 years to July 18th, 2013 to a hurried and ridiculously pithy interview with Gary Collins where Heath pleads ignorance. (Gary Collins is an I’ll rub your back if you’ll rub my back buddy of Heath’s). Heath says “So in 2008, after many years of experimentation she (his mother Barbara) launched a product called Smart Carb Bread. At the time she thought it was a very healthy low carb product. She used a software program to develop the ingredients in order to make the product low carb. Hindsight is 20/20 and looking back on it now, we probably should have used other methods, maybe more organic in nature such as **LAB TESTS**, but it was what we thought was the best way to do it at the time”. Now in this interview Heath says in hindsight they should have used **LAB TESTS** yet in the blogspot exchange above, over three years earlier, Heath tells Doug Varrieus their “nutritional label was CAREFULLY CALCULATED by **WORKING WITH A LAB**”. WHAT? Hey Heath you can’t have it both ways-and hey Gary nice investigative work. That was your job right? Former FDA special criminal investigative agent? Heath goes on: “Needless to say, we were extremely sorry that our nutritional information was wrong”. Really Heath-that’s it? Are you really sorry your information was wrong or are you just sorry you got caught? And now what are you going to do about all those unsuspecting diabetics you POISONED?

    I can say that as a diabetic the breads Heath was selling to you were, in no uncertain terms, POISON. The low carb community is a little different as they were (just) being cheated, lied to, duped, and stolen from (as if that wasn’t enough). If you end up going to the plainolfood blogspot be sure to look at the glucose readings posted by ANITA FOSTER. SHE WAS POISONED AND SHE KNEW IT. There is also a father who was gravely concerned that he had purchased JB’s bread and given it to his Type I diabetic daughter who apparently took hours to normalize her blood glucose levels and I am assuming as a Type I this little girl was on insulin at the time. The father himself is a Type II and to use his word his blood glucose level “ZOOMED”.

    So…if in early 2010, Heath had over 10,000+DIABETICS who ate his bread every day how many diabetics were eating his breads daily by the time I finally had them tested? (See Below)

    The only thing that I have ever given Heath Squier credit for is his marketing ability and he did market his products well. If you watch this very short video put up by Google in June, 2012 you can see how Heath was targeting the low carb community and by default diabetics. With 5,200+newly diagnosed diabetics daily he has an absolutely incredible new market…EVERYDAY. His only problem was his timing. Yup, this video came out in mid-June, 2012 just before I had the first of 5 JB breads tested and just before the proverbial “shit hit the fan”. Oops.

    Another of the other many chickenshit lawsuit charges filed against me was that I was costing Heath $200,000 per month in revenue. (I wish). Now Heath, as the plaintiff, would have to prove this charge. The following is an analysis I did on 12/10/13 which shows the absurdity of this claim and since December 10th, there have been in totality, an ADDITIONAL 2038 VIDEO HITS.

    445,307 Total Hits One Website Video as of 12/10/13
    22,218 Total Hits All Other Website Videos as of 12/10/13
    467,525 Total Hits All Website Videos as of 12/10/13

    2,364 Total Hits Julian Bakery Page on Low Carb Scams since launched on 07/15/13
    1,590 Total Hits Julian Bakery Info since launched on 08/21/13
    3,954 Total Hits Regarding Julian Bakery on My Two Websites Combined as of 12/10/13

    .0084573 is the microscopic percentage of my Total Hits vs just all the video views and the above figures DO NOT include the hundreds & hundreds of permanently written reviews on Yelp, Google, The DietDoctor, and various other websites.


    Any Type I diabetic, and I mean in no uncertain terms, (100%) needs to inject insulin. The exact cause of Type I diabetes is unknown but in most people with Type I, the body's own immune system, which normally fights harmful bacteria and viruses, mistakenly destroys the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. In a Type I diabetic, there is ZERO insulin produced to allow glucose to enter cells, so sugar builds up in the bloodstream where it can cause life-threatening complications.

    So I reiterate that the scenario laid out by Julian Bakery with a chart showing Matt Besley’s blood sugar response could not happen as it is stated with Besley injecting ZERO insulin.

    Jimmy Moore who is not a diabetic did an n=1 experiment with 2 slices of Julian Bakery bread. He had a normal fasting blood glucose level (BGL) of 88 mg/dl and peaked after 45 minutes at 155 mg/dl-an increase of 67 points (which is actually pretty high).

    Heath Squier himself did his own n=1 experiment and with a fasting BGL of 99 mg/dl and peaked at 133 mg/dl- again relatively normal for a non-diabetic, although his blood sugar later crashed and that is yet another story.

    My BGL, as a Type II diabetic went from a fasting 106 mg/dl and peaked 1½ hours later at 249 mg/dl after eating 2 pieces of Julian Bakery bread.

    Jeff Roaderick’s BGL as a Type I diabetic soared 205 points to over 300 mg/dl after eating only 1 piece. Jeff took about half a unit of humalog insulin to cover 1g net carbohydrate.

    Matt Besley another Type I diabetic on the other hand had a fasting BGL of 110 mg/dl, and taking ZERO insulin, peaked at 131 mg/dl and says his increase was a mere 21 points? After eating 2 pieces of bread? I say HORSESHIT!

    So to put this all together, Matt Besley, a Type I diabetic and taking ZERO insulin had the least BGL rise (21 mg/dl) of the 5 people who did n=1 experiments? I don’t buy that for one minute. Do you?

    Heath has stated all over the internet for years that he was going to start posting diabetic responses and to this day he has never followed thru with his statements. Here are a couple of examples from Jimmy Moore’s blog:

    Heath Squier July 8 2011 0:55

    “We test our bread all the time with Type 1 & Type 2 diabetics and will be posting our results at within the next couple of weeks. All of our results show almost no increase in blood sugar. We know our results will send a clear message that Jimmy's results are not common”.


    Heath Squier July 8 2011 4:20

    “Well I will post on here as soon as the results are ready as to set your expectations properly. As we by all means are a COMPANY THAT IS TRUSTED by over 100,000 CUSTOMERS nationwide and MOST OF THEM ARE DIABETICS or customers that are on low carb diets. Checkout our hundreds of testimonials”. So in the course of a little more than a year the Julian Bakery went from 10,000+DIABETICS to over 100,000 MOSTLY DIABETIC CUSTOMERS. All one can say is WOW. A 1,000% increase year over year. Believe me this is the envy and dream of every company worldwide. And here’s another question for Heath. If in July of 2011 the Julian Bakery had over 100,000 mostly DIABETIC CUSTOMERS how the hell many did he have another year later in July of 2012? With another 1,000% year over year increase that could be somewhere near 1,000,000 mostly DIABETIC CUSTOMERS.

    THE GOOD NEWS is that the word seems to be out. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS COMPANY-DO NOT BUY ANY PRODUCT THAT JULIAN BAKERY SELLS. Do not give them any of your hard earned money for anything. For a product you can buy from Heath…you can always buy it somewhere else and why not purchase legitimate products made by people who actually care about your health and…if anything were to go wrong, they would correct it.

    As Dr. Eenfeldt has given this post the title GIVE JULIAN BAKERY WHAT THEY DESERVE this is how each of you, individually, can cost Heath Squier and the Julian Bakery a little money and it is so easy. Every time any Julian Bakery product ad comes up on any website you visit, just click on it. This only takes a second or so, and be sure to let the little red heart come up. Heath pays about $.25 - $1.00 and sometimes even more on a heavily trafficked website each time a click to his website is made. Pretty easy huh? Since I am on the internet all the time I used to just be irritated by the JB ads and closed them-but now? I click on his ads every chance I get. And don’t forget the colored headers at the top of a Google search-it costs lots of money to be at the very top of that banner. You actually have to bid for that top spot-so click away and have fun.

    In closing, and yes everything ends at some point, I would like to thank you all again for your support. This post has been a cathartic War and Peace (pun intended) as far as length is concerned. So if you have gotten this far you have read just over 3,100 words.

    Deborah Krueger

  3. nianbo
  4. Michelle
    I see this is a very contentious debate. Frankly, I am lost in all the "he said" "she said."

    I am dedicated LCHF/ Paleo, very sensitive to carbs and with chronic IBD. Please allow me to say this. I am sorry for all the ugliness of the lawsuits. It is sad to read because actually, I like the Paleo bread. Have you tried it? Yeah, it tastes like a sponge. There is no way that thing is loaded with carbs.

    I make it tasty by using it in recipes. Anyway, I will continue to buy it. Don't bite my low-carb head off, but I think it's a decent product and I have done well with it.

    Replies: #55, #56
  5. Aljihou

    I see this is a very contentious debate. Frankly, I am lost in all the "he said" "she said."I am dedicated LCHF/ Paleo, very sensitive to carbs and with chronic IBD. Please allow me to say this. I am sorry for all the ugliness of the lawsuits. It is sad to read because actually, I like the Paleo bread. Have you tried it? Yeah, it tastes like a sponge. There is no way that thing is loaded with carbs.I make it tasty by using it in recipes. Anyway, I will continue to buy it. Don't bite my low-carb head off, but I think it's a decent product and I have done well with it.

    It is contentious. Unfortunately, Julian Bakery brought this upon itself. They made a product that completely misrepresented the truth about its ingredients. That is now, why the product tastes like a sponge because the new product was reformulated to actually be one carb. You certainly can choose to support a company that lied about its product and then sued the Joan of Ark who fought them and publicized it to protect Diabetics. No one is mad at you. I would just suggest that if you believe in rewarding people who do the right thing all along that there are plenty of other good options out there instead of rewarding someone who made a product that made Diabetics have insulin spikes and then sought to suppress the truth by bullying a retired lady with a scurrilous lawsuit. The beauty of a free market is people can choose. So make your choice but make sure it's an informed choice. I for one choose to support Deborah Krueger who was brave enough to stand up to Julian Bakery and fought for all of us and for the truth.

  6. nc
    I agree. There's clearly a lot of bitterness on both sides, I'm not sure I could support either side or their current claims.
  7. Michelle
    Thank you both for your diplomatic responses! Well, I guess the bottom line is if you want to be sure of what you are eating, you have to grow it yourself. And the next best thing is to make it... this debate reminded me of this. I am looking for coconut-flour bread recipes today.
    But honestly, this debate is very ugly. I don't want to diminish the hard work people have done into researching and fighting this cause but my view is let's not create negativity in the world over low-carb bread. It's still just bread. Not war, or poverty, or education, or the environment...
    Anyway. I am looking into making my own. This is the best way...
  8. Michelle
    I have recently ordered from Julian's Bakey and too not received any replies from my contact attempts.. My coconut Brest was the purple moist smelly middle and the almond and regular were awful as well. I wish I would have found this first, their site and Facebook are all glowing happy ecstatic reviews. To good to be true . My last email I asked for an return label for returning goods from unsatisified customers and no reply. Has anyone ever gotten in touch with this company. This was a 40.00 order. I feel so sick this has happened to anyone and sounds like it's been a very long process for the ones trying to make them liable for their mistakes. Any help will be great thank you!
    Reply: #59
  9. Zepp
    The thing is.. beside all that "he said", "she said".. that you have learned something in the process!

    And the old truth is still truth.. "if its to good to be truth.. its probably not truth"!

    And there is no way that one can make bread that taste like bread.. without a lot of seed flour!!

    The only way to came around it is eihter to use real bread but only on special occasion.. or others use low carb substitutes that often taste a lot of egg!

    The best swedish LCHF baking queen do use a lot of coconut flour or/and almond flour!

    Im out of bread desire.. and not a baking person at all.. those few times I eat somthing that needs bread I try to use pumpernickel kind of bread!

    And I have to tank Deborah for all that work she have done.. and all the trubble she has gone thru for just pointing out for others the fake of low carb bread!

  10. Michelle
    I just got a reply stating that I will be issued a refund for the products that were bad. Just thought I would share an update. We will see when it hits my account. Feeling hopeful
  11. InfoCentral
    I am wondering about the truth about Sprouted 7 Grain Bread from Trader Joe's. I claims to be only 4 g per slice.
    Reply: #62
  12. Zepp
    If its to good to be thruth, its probably not thruth!

    If it taste like shit.. its probably thruth!

    If it taste like bread, its probably fake!

    Its easy to make a different.. if it taste like bread, its bread!

  13. Suzgrrl
    Are you really a DOCTOR, Diet "Doctor"? Why should I listen to you?
    Reply: #64
  14. Zepp
    Noone need to read anything one thise bloog.. its free to leave!

    But Eenfeldt have a legitmation as MD, by Swedish medical authoritys!

  15. Ran C
    not sure why a class action lawsuit was never filed v. Julian bakery for breadgate. Anyone know why not?
  16. Pamela Dow
    Is weight watchers smat foods dinners really good for the dieting ?
  17. Sd
    It makes perfect sense once emotions are set aside, and there is a good look at all the information. Then it can be recognized that Deborah is suffering from narcissistic rage. Years later, Deborah still has a burning desire for revenge, retaliation, and the compulsive need to vengefully repay no matter what it takes or costs, or the financial losses. That's the central characteristic of narcissistic rage. Those fiery, often overpowering emotional reactions can sometimes get so intense as to precipitate a major depressive, manic or even psychotic episode ("madness"), causing clinically significant temporary impairment of perception, rationality, judgment and impulse control.

    Julian's Bakery initially appreciated being made aware of the inaccuracy of their nutritional claims, as would any business owner with true ethical values. After the inaccuracy was completely corrected and resolved (Deborah's own account after that was grossly inaccurate, misquoted, misjudged and false), Deborah's emotions headed out of control and into psychosis episodes. This is known as Pathological anger, or Runaway Rage Epidemic or Intermittent Explosive Disorder. It is an inability to resist aggressive urges. Individuals with this disorder often verbally assault others, and react in ways that are entirely out of proportion to the provocation. Pathological anger and rage can manifest in many ways, including chronic resentment, embitterment, hostility, hatred, temper tantrums, rage attacks, and verbal abuse. Sometimes even murder. Such outbursts of rage and violence are grossly out of proportion to any precipitating psychosocial stressor, and tend to result in negative consequences not only for the unfortunate targets of these violent assaults but also for the easily enraged perpetrator. According to one study by sociologist Ronald Kessler at Harvard Medical School, this particular anger disorder is on the rise, and may be present in more than fifteen million Americans. And this is only the proverbial tip of the iceberg. We Americans are in the midst of an anger epidemic that poses a very real and perilous public health threat. Which it is believed that is what recently took place in the Riots/Protests in Charlottesville, and so much grossly out of proportion rage towards President Trump.

    What originally started out as Deborah's legitimate pursuit for the company to be liable and responsible and to correct their incorrect nutritional claims, then turned into Deborah's continual harassment and bullying towards the company and it's owner. Deborah then started to take revenge and be vindictive and falsify her information to the point that she had significant impairment of perception, rationality, judgment and impulse control. She was in denial of the true facts. So yes, Julian Bakery was in it's legal and ethical right to protect itself from further damage done to their business, personal lives, their own family by a compulsive narcissistic scary person. They should have not dropped the lawsuit.

    Reply: #69
  18. Carla Specht
    I just ordered their bread and received it in the mail yesterday. I tasted it and tastes low carb to me. I have been eating low carb for a while and easy to recognize.
    Their bread tastes terrible btw so I wouldn't buy it anyway.
  19. Karen
    You're kidding me, right? Every time a diabetic ate that fake low carb bread, it was causing a high blood sugar spike. For a diabetic, it was essentially killing them with massive inflammation and heart damage from the blood sugar spike. If you think anger at being lied to about something so critical is "narcissistic rage" then you know as little about psychiatry as you do diabetes.

    In truth, all you did was come here looking for someone to insult and make your own self feel better. Shame on you. Go away.

  20. JettyMN
    If Deborah had the money to initiate and pay for her own independent lab testing of the Julian Bakery recipe then why would she need "free legal aid" to file a lawsuit against them or defend a lawsuit against her? JUST DON'T EAT THE BREAD and move on with your life!
  21. Terrilynn
    Interesting reading. Especially discovering that there is a years long background of deception, lies and bad business practices. Julian Bakery is still ripping people off - and now I better understand how they get away with it ... years and years of practice.
  22. Christopher Gabage
    If I could give negative stars I would. ABSOLUTELY horrible product AND ABSOLUTELY horrible customer service. I am not one to put a negative review, however DO NOT ORDER THIS JUNK. The "bread" arrived with mold all over it and it was all sticky and slimy. It was DISGUSTING to look at and the smell was even worse! I notified the bakery and they said to send a photo. I sent them a photo of the moldy slimy bread and then they said, send us a picture of the barcode. I sent them the picture of the barcode and then they said they need a picture of some number on the bread that doesn't actually exist. I finally had enough of their games. No problem. Chargeback with credit card company and blasting them all over the internet for their disgusting product and service.
  23. Debbie T
    Guess what....THEY'RE BAAAAACK!! Now doing business as 'Keto Bread' and Keto Thin Bread' Still deleting any negative comments so everyone thinks their products are mana from Heaven! If anyone can afford to have their new stuff lab-tested, I'll gladly donate what I can to that cause.
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