Why you should never trust a low-carb label

Here’s ANOTHER company, eat-rite, selling “low carb” pizza, chocolate and candy. As usual it sounds too good to be true.

Amazingly products with wheat flour etc. as their main ingredient are labeled “low carb”. And when they’re analyzed it turns out they contain between 4 and 8 times more carbs than the label claims. For example, one product didn’t contain 7 grams of carbs as listed on the label, it was really 53 grams.

High carb

High carb

So what happens after their lies get exposed on TV? Nothing. The company keeps selling their fraudulent products as if nothing has happened, and the FDA seems not to care.

The lesson? Never ever trust a processed product with a “low carb” label, especially not if it’s similar to bread, pasta or sweets. Chances are you’re being played for a fool. Eat real low-carb food instead.

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