The problem with low-carb bread

A lot of people miss bread on a low-carb diet. There are lots of special low-carb breads sold in stores, but be careful! They usually suffer from one of two common problems:

  1. The bread is full of carbs and the nutrition information is full of lies
  2. The bread is not edible

A good example of the first problem was Julian Bakery’s low-carb bread. As I wrote earlier it turned out that people’s blood sugar increased just as much as by eating real bread. And when the “low-carb” bread was sent for analysis it turned out to contain 17 times more carbs (!) than specified.

Julian Bakery’s bread used to be an example of the first problem: high-carb bread fraudulently marketed as low-carb.

After being exposed they apparently decided to change the recipe into a truly lower-carb version. Instead of using “Sprouted Whole Grains” i.e. wheat flour as the main ingredient they are now using “Non-GMO Wheat Protein Isolate” i.e. gluten (!) as the number one ingredient. Not very Paleo. The result can be seen in the video above.

Have you found a good option for real low-carb bread? Share it in the comments below.

The best low-carb breads

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  1. Lauri
    Following a low carb plan and eating bread in any form is like being a vegetarian and eating fake burgers and chicken at every meal. There is so much more one can have that isn't bread, why are people pining for it? Yes, it tasted good, but it's not a part of my life anymore, I don't seek it out, I don't scroll through websites and blogs looking at pictures of it and even better - eating a couple of lettuce wraps is usually more vegetables than many vegetarians (that I know) eat.

    If one is going to make the change to a healthier life, realize bread is not a part of it and move on.

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  1. Alistair
    Jennifer - regarding Elena's bread (her site is wonderful by the way - Elena's pantry), if you add about 70gm butter, you will find the bread is more moist. Also, it toasts beautifully.
  2. Mike Snyder, DC.
    I had two slices of this bread at lunch and I can't tell you how much pain I'm in. First I can't believe I actually finished the bread it was so spongy. I'm about ready to go to emergency room My stomach hurts so bad that I'm having difficulty breathing. It was just like the video. I've already returned it to mothers market here in orange county. The worst gluten-free bread I have ever tried and I've tried a lot of them. The packaging looks good and I figured nine dollar bread it's gotta taste good...wrong!!! If I could I would call them up right now and bitch them out I'm so pissed off at how much pain I'm in I'm so bloated and burping and my stomachs just absolutely miserable
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  3. Christina Lyttle
    I have Impared Glucose Tolerence and have been asked to cut out carbs altogether by my GP but when I went to the nutrition nurse she said that I need a certain amount of carbs in my diet as some are good for you evenjoy though I have been asked not to eat any. I am a lover of bread and was told to buy whole grain instead of whole meal as the grain one has a lot less carbohydrate in it and I have looked around at my local supermarket and this is true because I have found a whole grain bread that I love and has only 25 carbs than whole meal so will that be good for me to eat.
  4. Gentiann
    "The worst gluten-free bread"........this bread is not gluten-free! Actually it's very heavy on gluten as Dr. Eenfeldt mentioned above, they are now using “Non-GMO Wheat Protein Isolate” i.e. gluten (!) as the number one ingredient." No wonder this bread made you sick if you are gluten intolerant! ........(I don't buy bread, fake or not)
  5. Bruce
    See Tim Noakes on Google for his bread recipe
  6. Paula
    Does anyone know the macros of the individual bread recipes we have right here on Calories, etc? All it gives us is 3 g carbs. I need the other stuff to enter in to MyFitnessPal. Thanks!
  7. Randall
    I think the same way as you Lauri, but I don't think it's as simple as that for some. I'm sure it's like an addiction. I try to relate to them with my addiction to sugar-filled sweets. I have a need for something sweet, so I substitute with items that are baked with an artificial sweetener such as Monk Fruit to satisfy my sweet tooth. The way I look at it, at least they're making the effort to go low-carb and eat healthier, right? ;-)
  8. Robert
    Mamma Lupe's Tortillas are only 3g net carbs and never ruined my weight loss and for me, they tasted just like the real thing. They were great for breakfast burritos and other wraps.

    Baker's deluxe also has a line of breads, one of which had 1g net carbs and also didn't do anything to stall my weight loss. This bread must be toasted - very well - it's great if you do that. Don't even bother eating the bread plain, it's terrible. Toasting it well, made great sandwiches etc., Even toasting the bread and having it cold later was better than straight out of the bag.

    More dangerous, even when you find a brand that is low carb. I find it's dangerous to bring back the expectation of bread all the time and personally, I found it difficult to skip bread when not at home and/or it took A LOT more will power than if I just kept it for treats. That being said, I now buy it as a treat and eat it once in a while on week binge and then don't buy it for a while.

  9. Roberto alberghetti
    My name is Roberto Alberghetti and i have a degree in Food and Science Tecnology.This web page is supported by membership and it seems to me that sometimes they are not treating low carb producer with the due respect.
    Yes,like in every field,the are companies not transparent but in Italy the are a lot of small oven that are producing incredible low carb bread and foods...thanks god!!!
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    I'm all for low carb products being made to make eating a low carb diet easier for folks, but this video is crazy. If that is the same piece of bread doing all those tasks, that is not fit for consumption. (funny video though) I make my own low carb vegan bread.
  11. Dena
    Any info on Thinslimfood bread products?
  12. Tod
    Anyone check into Chompies low carb breads? It tastes a little too good to be true..
  13. Lorraine Nagle
    We are all here because of processed packaged foods, we ate them for years before we fell apart. Processed grains ...hmmm
    I know...let's try to replace those nutrient deficient foods with convenient nutrient deficient processed packaged low carb food...brilliant!
    If it quacks like a duck....
  14. C Lige
    I wish people in my country would do this!!!! bread is such a loved part of every meal here in the US
  15. Uroš
    I would really like an opinion on yeast in low carb products? I see a flow of products using yeast, but I have thought yeast was a no go product or ingredient.
  16. Sylvia
    7.5 tsp almond flour
    2.5 tsp softened butter
    1/2 tsp baking powder
    1 egg

    Mix thoroughly in a cermaic mug or glass meauring cup. Once thoroughly mixed, put ungreased cup into microwave for 90 sec. Once done, tip it out onto plate/counter and let sit for a minute or two to cool. Once done, slice into servings. I usually get 4 per cup and they are very filling.

    I have passed this onto a friend who is celiac and has had no problems thus far (been 2 weeks).
    I hope it works for you !

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  18. Pj
    First of all - AWESOME KITCHEN! It is sickening that they are selling that bread as FOOD! Thank you for not even feeding it to your pigs! You need your own show - that was one of the best and funniest reviews ever. Do yourself a favor - get your self an Emile Henry covered bread baker and make your own out of Almond meal and Flax seed meal. KNOW what goes into your food. It's so easy to make and it is delicious and healthy! Search the web for the Erewhon Paleo bread recipe - you and your family will enjoy it! Congrats on loosing the weight - I do Keto and am in the best shape EVER!
  19. Heidi
    Anyone familiar with Schmidt Old Tyme 647 Bread?
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  20. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor
    Heidi, that bread is still wheat based, which means it is not a good option.
  21. JaneR368
    Bob’s Red Mill Low Carb Bread Mix? Has anyone tried this?
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  22. Kristin Parker Team Diet Doctor

    Bob’s Red Mill Low Carb Bread Mix? Has anyone tried this?

    That would not be a good option as it is still wheat, oat and rye flour based. With keto, it's important to avoid grains as they contribute to inflammation in the body.

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