Food helped give him both hope and his life back


When Samuel was 18 years old, he was diagnosed with Bechterew’s disease and was put on aggressive treatment to treat the pain in his hip and lumbar spine. But he suffered severe side effects from the medication, and started researching alternative ways to treat the autoimmune condition.

Four years later, he is off all medications thanks to an anti-inflammatory diet. Now he will take part in a 200-mile (300 km) bicycle race in Sweden, for the Dietary Science Foundation.

You can read his touching story in the link below. It is well worth a read.

The medicine that Samuel Backman, 22, was prescribed for Bechterew’s disease gave him brain fog. When it was at its worst, he could collapse in the middle of the day, hardly able to move. Now he’ll ride a 200-mile (300 km) long bicycle race around Lake Vättern in Sweden for the Dietary Science Foundation. Thanks to the drastic changes he made to his diet, Samuel can live without medicine these days, and the future looks bright.

Dietary Science Foundation: Food helped give him both hope and his life back – now he will ride the Vätternrundan for DSF

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