“I feel the happiest, the healthiest and the most confident I have ever felt in my life!”


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Bee finally managed to drop 57 lbs (26 kilos) when she found new advice and coaching at a free online group… here’s how it happened.


My name is Erin but I’ve been called Bee as long as I can ever remember…

I was addicted to sugar probably before I could walk and used to drink apple juice by the bottle five or six times a day. I used to eat and drink so much sugar as a toddler that I had to have the majority of my teeth removed at the age of four because they were all rotten……

I was a very active child and participated in a lot of sports and dancing until I reached puberty at around 11 and my weight just tripled! I was under 5 feet tall wearing a size 20 and probably weighed in around at 85+ kilos. I had a bout of glandular fever and after this I never really felt the same again. I was very sick all the time, tired, irritable and had terrible periods. This was all put down to being a “typical teenager” and the fever but I suffered through my teens with undiagnosed hypothyroidism with and endometriosis.

Fast forward to my twenties and I continued to struggle through the tiredness and pain as what I thought was part of the glandular fever… all the while I was growing a pretty impressive goiter on my thyroid. I suffered 5 miscarriages through my twenties… I dieted and regained any lost weight through all the “proper and advised methods” which was killing me slowly from the inside. I was simply told by my doctor that I obviously couldn’t have any children and he’d “keep an eye” on the large lump in my throat.

As I approached my thirties, I knew I had to do something about my body and the way I was living…..it wasn’t normal to feel this sick all the time and it certainly wasn’t normal to eat half a block of caramello chocolate for breakfast!! I suffered yet another miscarriage at the end of 2014 and then another one just six months later… this nearly sent me over the edge. I started doing Atkins which at the start I found to be quite easy but I didn’t lose any weight and I was at the gym at 4.30 am four days a week with a personal trainer. I was starting to feel like giving it all up when I stumbled across the Beginners LCHF/Banting page and this is what changed my life. I got some pretty impressive advice and coaching from a beautiful bunch of Admins… They were with me throughout all the hard times and helped me pick myself up and dust myself off when I needed it, without their support I doubt I’d be where I am today.

LCHF has given me back my life… I no longer have to take any medication for my thyroid and my goiter hasn’t grown any larger… my endometriosis has settled and my periods are tolerable. I no longer have as much lower back or hip pain, I don’t eat chocolate for breakfast and I have dropped 3 dress sizes and 26 kilograms since July 2015! I feel the happiest, the healthiest and the most confident I have ever felt in my life! I actively spread the LCHF message whenever I get the chance to anyone that will listen!

If you wish to start your LCHF/Banting Journey feel free to come visit a great support group here.



Congratulations Bee! Getting online support from a group of similar-minded people is very smart, I highly recommend it to others.

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  1. KAREN
    Thank you Bee for sharing. What a sad experience you had throughout your younger years. Im so happy that you found LCHF way of eating. Now you can concur the World!
  2. Xtina
    Thank you for sharing your story and best wishes for you.
  3. Melissa
    Thank you for sharing. You have truly been an inspiration to me. I have also joined your Facebook group :)

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