Cardiologist in The Washington Times: ‘Carbohydrates are killing us’

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The conventional advice we’ve been given to reduce heart disease, eat less fat and more carbs, is completely wrong and needs to be turned on its head. In fact, it’s the carbs and not the fat that we should avoid if we want to reduce our risk of cardiovascular disease, writes a cardiologist in The Washington Times. And he’s probably right.

For decades, doctors and nutritionists prescribed low-fat diets to people trying to lower their risk of heart disease. Saturated fats in meats and dairy products were thought to clog our arteries. Grains — especially “whole” ones — were thought to help everything from high cholesterol to digestion.

A growing body of research suggests this advice was wrong. For most people, it’s carbohydrates, not fats, that are the true cause of heart disease.

The Washington Times: ‘Carbohydrates are killing us’

Heart disease and cholesterol


New study: Keto improves cardiovascular health markers

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  1. Jeff Cessna
    I will continue to follow the advice of Dr. Greger at
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  2. Rowick
    It's not just the carbs but the sugars in everything we eat. Also the chemical additives and pestacides that also trigger issues. These big box food companies look for ways to make us crave their food products with these sugars and additives. They target kids and week minded people. It's sad that we let this continue even after half the world has banned these chemicals our money driven market allows us to still consume them...just sad. Eliminate these items from your diet and you will find a modified keto/ palieo diet is really the correct way to eat and you will lose the cravings for these crap foods. You will lose weight and have a clearer mind in just a few weeks. I lost 28lbs in four weeks with this simple control of food intake no exercise...
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  1. Keith
    Nice job!
  2. Keith
    Two reasons...They're not eating the same "processed" carb garbage that proliferates our store shelves and Europe has banned GMO foods.
  3. Diane
    What exactly does 'everything in moderation' mean?
  4. Imotox
    My cholesterol was sky high and triglycerides over 500. In less than four months on Keto my numbers are normalized. Only someone who has been there and done that can have an honest opinion on this truth. People, its the Insulin that is necessary for making Cholesterol and Triglycerides. Its Insulin responcible for storing fat into fat cells. Lower insulin responce by lowering carb intake, and the body will not store fat. Lower carb intake enough, and the body looks for an alternative fuel source, its own fat. Down 10 inches and 65 pounds on Keto for 7 months.
  5. Suzanne
    I am an RN who had a heart attack last year and had to undergo a CABG. I have an identical twin whose followed low carb diet for well over 15 years and whose 30-35 lbs lighter than my current weight. She and I have had almost the same aliments and surgeries including C3-C4 cervical fusion within 2 weeks of each other and I totally agree that she hasn't had cardiac issues because of her diet! I didn't follow nearly as strictly as she did but you can bet I am today and have already lost 10 pounds! I used to be an avid runner and ran 3-4 miles 5 times a week. I've also taken care of patient's in the ER coming in with MI's that were marathon runners. Exercise and cardio training doesn't prevent heart disease!! I'm done with sugar and carbs. It's nice to see it's finally catching on with confirmed studies.
  6. Randy
    Carbs in any form increase blood sugar and blood pressure. My blood pressure and blood sugar normalized within a month on 30 gr carbs or less. Had great concentration and focus and no more joint pain.
    Stopped insulin and BP meds.
    Try it for a month. Once your over adapting to burning fat instead of carbs it gets easier. You will never want to eat carbs again.
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  8. Aisha
    Why can’t both lifestyles be right? I tried both and ended up meeting somewhere in the middle for great results. They have more in common than differences and the “eat real food” message is the most important 1. We could argue all day about it but our patients suffer when we do that. Stop it!
  9. Sandra
    What I don't understand is the need some people have to go on over to a website that they disagree with, and post a lot of comments there.....If some other eating plan works for you: hurray! Get out of here. Keto has been the only thing that ever made a difference in my life. I ate a "moderate" diet including whole grains, organic fruits and veggies, lean grassfed meats 90% of the time. That's how I ended up with high blood pressure, overweight, and with a bad blood lipid profile. Since starting keto 4 months ago, I've lost 30 lbs, my blood pressure is better than it has been since I was in University (I'm 57 years old now!), and my triglycerides are just a hair above perfect. For my body type, very low carbohydrates, virtually NO grains, and burning fat for fuel is the answer. I'm not planning on checking out some other low fat website and spamming them with my attitude, though. I'm going to enjoy my good health and my healthy diet!
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  10. Susie Sunderman
    I believe one diet does not fit all. Otherwise, we would all die from the same diseases and we don't. I know that a vegan diet would not agree with me because I have allergies to some grains and issues with soy. Some day our diets will be based on our own individual DNA ; that has not happened yet. I do better on a low carb diet and with more fat. I do not expect that is true for everyone.
  11. Ingrid
    Hey folks, let’s be and show a positive thought re Ketogenic or some other diet. I have been a pescatarian for over 40 years as I cannot digest red meats (medical condition), and have done a moderate Keto style diet for years without realizing it! Yes, I have ventured into others ways of eating to see if my ‘gut’ could tolerate meat, but that didn’t work. I agree with a few of you, that there is a way of eating for each person and it would be nice when our DNA can suggest what is best for us, but until then I am sticking to the Ketogenic method.

    I have refined my vegetarian method by eliminating the potatoes and such, but every now and again treat myself to risotto 👍, then the next day will do a fast. Don’t feel quilt at all!

    My spouse is a type 2 diabetic and has cut his daytime insulin by half with the goal of stopping it entirely, his nighttime insulin has also been cut back, although it will never be eliminated.

    Bottom line, what ever works for you, fantastic, but don’t attempt to push it on others in a derogatory way and let’s not slam others for there way of eating, that’s how hate manifests itself and we don’t need it on this site....we’re here to encourage not demean.

  12. A
    I lowered my cholesterol by 13 points eating carbs with the McDougall plan. I tried the Keto diet but it gave me horrible heart palpitations and all that meat was not good for my kidneys.

    I am curious as to how all the different civilizations of past did not have heart disease, etc eating potatoes, corn and beans? Just wondering.

  13. Carol
    They did but only post agriculture. Like the Egyptians who lived on grains. Listen to Dr Eades very enlightening talk.
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  15. Lori
    McDougall plan I thot would be the be all and end all. For me it caused slot of problems besides a 10lb Wright gain. I did it thinking for me it was healthy. Beans everyday my digestive system can’t handle. For some it had proven to work for I would love to eat grains and carbs but it is not good for me so low carb Keto just seems to work. We are all different.
  16. Ronni Marcinkowey
    Keto is life. My husband had a 2nd heart-attack & received a stent. They of course wanted to put him in statins which gave him pretty devastating side effects. He’s pretty healthy & we re-examined our diet & life style & were shocked by the hidden ingredients in our food. We threw everything away & started from scratch. In 6 days on keto his triglycerides were down by 91 points.
    Having a Dr. tell him if he didn’t take statins he would die was unacceptable& scared us to death. Finding a Cardio Dr. who believes in LCHP is proving impossible.
    3 wks into ketosis & we both feel amazing. We know whatever the cholesterol number is, this diet will balance it. There’s comfort in that.
    Good luck to all♥️🙏🏻
  17. Ron
    Whole grains aren't any better than white bread. The glycemic index of whole wheat bread is the same as white bread. Both raise insulin too much. Too much insulin stops fat burning and that causes fat levels to increase everywhere including the bloodstream, liver, and adipose tissues. That causes you to become sedentary and all the rest runs downhill from there. Historically carbs we rare and perishable. We are not meant to eat them every day.
  18. Jane Chambers
    Well said Sandra 👏👏👏
  19. sid
    what Prophet mohammed said when you eat, make one third for food, one third for drink, and one third to take breath'. That means don't eat to too much up to full stomach. and he said we are muslim people that we don't eat unless we feel hungry and when we eat we don't up to feeling full'. this is the best diet at least u can eat everything
  20. Brenda King
    Im 57....heart stent in LAD last march ...lost 30 lbs just from anziety over it all and was scared to eat fear of this or that making me have another stent..type 2 diabetic used to eat whatever i wanted which meant sweets chips mcdonalds etc.....causing inflamation see??? My triglycerides 198 but my LDL not overly bad 130...but the hdl is a little too low a 40....people it is inflamation in artery walls causing major troubles .......too much insulin too much high bs...equals a bad time....check out Ivor Cummins Videos and David Diamond too great explainers!!!
  21. ANDREW
    There's much to admire about Greger. I find many of his views and interpretations interesting. But don't forget, he's a strong advocate for veganism, and has blamed the increasing popularity of the low-carb lifestyle for helping to increase greenhouse gases and other environmental issues. So while he does indeed stress the importance of science and research, he is not only selective, but he takes a highly political stance on dietary matters, which is at odds with his claim to be strictly objective. I've heard him discuss the downsides of keto (and of course there are some, just as there are with all diets) but never the many positive studies on the benefits.
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