Can red meat kill you?

Where does the fear of red meat come from? Is it really scientific or is it more of an ideological thing?

It’s after all a fact that humans have always eaten red meat, for millions of years. Often much more than now. So how could meat cause new, modern diseases?

Best-selling author Nina Teicholz has spent a lot of time researching the subject. Last year I sat down to talk to her and above you can watch the entire 15 minute interview. Fascinating stuff, if you ask me.

More with Nina Teicholz

On the membership pages we also have interviews with Nina Teicholz about the fear of fat, vegetable oils and why the Mediterranean diet may not be as unusually healthy as you think. Plus a presentation she and Chris Kresser gave at the last PaleoFX conference.

The Big Fat Surprise – Nina Teicholz
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Vegetable Oils, the Unknown Story – Nina Teicholz
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Vegetables Proven to Cause Cancer


  1. chris c
    Red meat CAN kill you - if it's holding a gun or telling you to "Eat More Starch!"
  2. Jen K
    Here's a fascinating demonstration by Allan Savory about how he discovered that enormous herds of sheep and cattle can help regenerate zones that have suffered desertification and turn them back into green flourishing zones - TED talk -
  3. Khechog
    Would love it if anyone could share more studies providing a counter argument to the environmental arguments against meet. Thanks.
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  4. Hazel Plamer
    I watched the Nina Teicholz video and I've read her wonderful books.
    Regarding colon cancer: avoid sugars.
    The molecules of plants and fruits are sugars. Plants are very low in protein, if they have any at all.
    Georgia Eades found that she felt better when she reduced her vegetable and fruit consumption. Me too! I feel better and my "systems" work better.

    So here's my comment to those who love and think they thrive on fruits and veggies... you can have my share. I'm better off without them.

    I'll take protein--meat and dairy--and I won't dis you for not eating them.

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  5. Sbat
    @Hazel leafy greens like spinach and kale have some of the highest amounts of protein by mass of all foods, including meat.
  6. Anne Holz
    I stopped eating red meat, eggs, butter, cheese and drinking milk after reading those foods contain bad cholesterol and were not good for the heart. Well, I ended up with a SEVERE B12 deficiency that caused hair loss, extreme fatigue, mental fog and horrible neuropathy! After receiving B12 shots and adding animal foods back into my diet, I am back to normal.
  7. Liisa
    I lost 30 lbs--a pound a week--without trying by merely eliminating all animal products--and I was not even hungry--EVER.... I did this after reading "The China Study." My experience does not jive with Nina T's at all. I ate "her" way all of my life and it did not work for me!
  8. Christine Ellen
    You cannot compare today’s meat to that’s of a thousand years ago when livestock roamed free and ate in unadulterated pasture. You asked how meat eating today can cause deseases. Well, today many cows are fed chemically enhanced feed.....many cows are given hormones to fatten them and produce a well coloured meat. This is common in the USA.
  9. Bruce
    There's a YT video on how oxylates destroy your health (spinach is loaded with them and you can't just "cook" them out)! No wonder vegans (especially raw) are coming down with mineral deficiencies, cancers, heart problems). Look up plant oxilates...sorry canty spell
  10. Karl Wheatley
    Khechog A massive 4-year study published in June 2018 in the prestigious journal Science basically concluded that given the varied negative effects of livestock on the planet, the most beneficial way for any individual to help protect the health of the plant is to dramatically reduce their consumption of meat and dairy--or go vegan.

  11. Hugh
    I suggest that the whole "don't eat meat" hysteria is part of a "Rise of the Beta Male" phase of history. Meat is more than nutrition. Its symbolic of the apex predator and the apex predator is a man. (Or at least it used to be. Not so much anymore. Now we just push keys on a keyboard and have life delivered to us.) And "we all know" that the apex predator or alpha male is symbolic of the patriarchal social organization that must be relegated to the dust bin of history. Its probably why young college age females are the first to go vegan. Don't know if they're all that concerned about health. So, the anti-meat movement has nothing to do with health and everything to do with societal change. All I ask is that the anti-meat movement is to be honest about your motivations and stop hiding behind the smoke screen of health and/or environmental scare tactics and let people decide for themselves what they will do. As for me, make mine a ribeye and make it rare.
  12. Jim Hipp
    You eat in part, as a source for amino acids .

    You eat protein NOT for protein but for a ready source of amino acids .

    Again, you don’t “need protein”. You need amino acids that you get from protein OR VEGETABLES.

  13. Jim Hipp
    Haven’t read the China Study have you?

    If so, read it again carefully. Its main takeaways for the lay dietitian are an education about amino acids NOT “protein” and DATA about red meat and morbidity.

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