“I believe everyone can do this. It’s easy…”

Before and after

Before and after

Jia Ma had been overweight his whole life but didn’t yet have the motivation to change his bad habits. Not until he suffered a heart attack and his doctor told him that he needed to lose weight if he wanted to live.

Ma went looking for tools online, and found low-carb. Here’s what happened.

The Email

Hi there, my name is Jia Ma, 35 years old. First of all, I wanna say thank you for doing this awesome website. I would like to share my story here and encourage more people on an low-carb diet.

I’m not a good story teller and English is my second language,so I will make it simple. I ate a lot of junk food before, drank soda, midnight snacks. I had all the bad habits with food. I was 240-250 pounds all of my adult life. Then I had a heart attack.

My doctor told me to lose some weight, or I will die young, I was looking around and found this website.

It was really hard the first month, every time I had cravings for carbs, I made some low-carb snack to fulfill myself, then the second month, I started to lose weight every week.

I had some drawback because I drink too much wine and vodka, so people please be aware of that.

I was 245 pounds, now I’m 180 pounds. My doctor says I’m doing great and my test came out very good.

I hope and I believe everyone can do this. It’s easy, it’s health.

Jia Ma


Congratulations Jia Ma! Keep on doing what you’re doing – you should really have a long healthy life in front of you.

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