Why Americans are obese: chocolate milk

Chocolate drink

Here’s another shocker from an American supermarket. At first you’d think it’s milk, it’s found in the dairy aisle after all. But actually this is not milk. Although it has “as much calcium as milk”.

It’s also called “Healthy and Delicious” and “Light”. But what is it really?

More marketing

Chocolate drink

This has “Zero cholesterol and saturated fat”, and “Only 90 calories”. Must be good for you, right? In case you don’t get the message they spell it out for you:

It’s one of the healthiest ways going to satisfy that daily chocolate craving. Bye-bye, guilt. Hello, bliss.

So what is it?

The Nutrition Facts

Chocolate drink

Ingredients: All Natural Soymilk and All Natural Cane Juice. Doesn’t that sound very natural?

It’s “free of lactose, dairy, cholesterol, eggs, casein, MSG, and worries”. It’s free of a lot of things (like decent nutrition). But it’s not free of sugar. In fact, it’s almost all sugar:

  • 1.5 grams of fat
  • 3 grams of protein
  • 14 (!) grams of sugar

The 14 grams are per serving, there are 8 servings in this, so the “guilt-free” chocolate drink contain a massive 114 grams of sugar.Ā Unbelievably, even with all this sugar, they still add extra artificial sweetening (Stevia).

This hidden sugar bomb is marketed as a “healthy” option to real milk in America. It’s one reason why the American obesity epidemic is out of control.


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