Which Diet Doctor program is right for you?

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The two-week Get Started Keto Challenge? 5 Weeks of Keto with Kristie? Or, our new ten-week program, Weight Loss for Good? Which one is “best” for you? Here’s a quick description of each of our programs.
What they have in common:
  • All provide a ketogenic meal plan
  • All support weight loss
  • All have daily emails
  • All link you to Diet Doctor resources you can trust
  • All begin on a Monday (any Monday), and provide information on the weekend before so that you can prepare.


So what’s different?

The two-week Get Started Keto Challenge has a revised meal plan for 2020. It’s free to everyone, both members and non members. It’s only two weeks, so it’s a more succinct overview than the other two programs. Since January 2016, over 920,000 people have used it as a launch pad for keto or low carb, and we consistently get excellent feedback about the program. It’s a great way to introduce friends and family to keto and to Diet Doctor.
Learn more about it here

5 Weeks of Keto with Kristie launched in August 2019. It’s a deeper look into not only the foods and science of keto, but the adaptation of a keto lifestyle. It teaches you how to live in the carbivore world and succeed with keto. I include some of my own recipes (which are featured on Diet Doctor) in the meal plans. It’s folksy, fun, and focused on practical tips. It is for Diet Doctor members only, and it’s free with your paid subscription.
Join here

The new, ten-week Weight Loss for Good program gives you two options. It begins with a three-week Crash Course that hits the highlights of everything you need to know. It’s direct and concise. After the first three weeks of daily emails, you’ll move into the Deep Dive portion of the course, where you’ll revisit each topic, but dive deeper. For the next seven weeks, you’ll receive emails (with links to the Deep Dives) on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Meal plans are provided for all ten weeks. The program covers a range of topics and includes intermittent fasting or time-restricted eating, which the other two programs do not discuss. Like 5 Weeks of Keto with Kristie, this program is just for Diet Doctor members.
You can learn more here

Still not sure? Pick one and give it a test drive! If it’s not right for you, unsubscribe and sign up for the next one. Nothing says you can’t do all three for a total of 17 weeks (four months!) of support!

Plus, if you become a Diet Doctor member, you can get daily support online in our Diet Doctor Facebook group. Our active members are from all over the world. Get inspired and watch the success of others unfold in real time!

Think of each program as a set of training wheels on a bike. When you first start, you may need a little more support to keep you from wobbling into a ditch, right?

Our aim is to get you riding, steady and true, so that whatever program you choose, you’ll glide smoothly into a healthier low-carb or keto lifestyle.

So, which program will you try?

/ Kristie Sullivan, PhD

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