What to eat in ketosis

I’d been lying to myself for years. I wasn’t in ketosis, and I didn’t understand why.

After doing a self experiment, the reason became clear – too many carbs.

Now, 1.5 months later, I’ve been in optimal ketosis for weeks. It feels great – way more energy and inspiration, and less hunger.

What do I eat to stay in ketosis?

The ketogenic-morning routine

Yesterday’s a good example of my ketogenic lifestyle.

As usual, I was wide awake by 06:10 am. For once I hadn’t slept well which was annoying, but what can you do.

I got dressed, and 15 minutes later I was at the Diet Doctor office. No one else was there. Nice, I would have my ketogenic-morning routine all to myself.

A few steps from the entrance, just past a bowl of fruit that I never touch, the caffeine master appeared. I elegantly grabbed a cup, placed it on the machine, and clicked the coffee button – all while walking.

As I entered the Diet Doctor workspace, I could hear the sound of crushing beans.

My desk is just by the door so dropping off my bag was quick. Seconds later I returned – the coffee was ready.

There’s a fridge right next to the caffeine master. We’ve asked those who manage it to not just buy crappy skim milk, but cream as well. I wasn’t disappointed – a 0.5 liter bottle of heavy whipping cream (40% fat) was there. I poured a healthy dose in (about 50 grams).

“Ahhh!”, I said loudly as I took the first sip. The day could begin.

What I ate yesterday

Until 5:30 pm, the only thing I ate was that coffee, water, another coffee with cream, and a macchiato at the airport (it has very little milk). Then, just before I started cooking, it was chocolate time.

The Hachez Premier Cru 88% chocolate, is superb. Not only is it delicious, it’s 61% fat and just 16% carbs. I ate a few pieces more than I normally do (around 10 grams in total, meaning about 1.5 grams of carbs) – totally awesome.1

For dinner, I made chicken liver with a little onion, some spinach, and lots of bacon, butter and sour cream. I added salt and pepper, and boiled a little broccoli as a side (about 100 grams). Delicious.


In the evening, I had about 150 grams of cheese, followed by raspberries with cream (around 10 and 100 grams respectively).

My ketones the next morning

1,8 mmol/Loptimal ketosis.

What do you eat in ketosis? Feel free to share in the comments below.


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