Our top 10 news posts of 2022


As 2022 comes to a close, we would like to thank you, our readers, for your support, and we wish you health and happiness in the New Year! 

Over the last 12 months, we’ve released news posts covering everything from the latest trends in nutrition to new medical studies.

Some topics we addressed were whether low carb is better than other diets, how the keto diet measures up to the Mediterranean diet, the increasing problem of diabetes among teens, and whether what you eat affects your mental health.

Curious to learn more? We’ve linked our top 10 news post articles from 2022 below. Read on to see what topics pique your interest and how you can apply them to your health.

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10. Is low carb no better than other diets?

Is low carb no better-Thumbnail DD site

Dr. Bret Scher’s video examines the 450-page Cochrane Review of low carb diets and finds errors and omissions in their analysis.

9. Can a keto diet improve knee pain?

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A new study finds that a keto diet improves knee function and reduces knee pain in people with type 2 diabetes.

8. Nearly 30% of US teens estimated to have prediabetes

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A troubling report in JAMA Pediatrics estimates that the rate of prediabetes among American teens more than doubled.

7. Does eating more protein stimulate you to eat more — or less — food?

High-protein Italian turkey salad

Does eating more protein mean eating more calories or feeling fuller and eating less? A new study suggests the latter.

6. Diabetes improvements with low carb


Dr. Waldy Loewen, working in rural Ontario, has coached 22 patients with diabetes to eat a low carb diet, with great results.

5. Keto vs. Mediterranean diet

Foods high in animal protein

Both keto and Mediterranean diets improve blood sugar, according to a new study. Other conclusions, however, may not be supported by the data.


4. Higher-satiety eating could become your new favorite lifestyle

Higher-satiety meal

Higher-satiety eating helps you feel full and satisfied with fewer calories. Dr. Eenfeldt explains this new approach.

3. Do you have emotional intelligence?


Photo: Spencer Bibbs

How do you respond to emotions like fear, sadness, or anger? Developing emotional intelligence can improve health.

2. Higher-satiety visual guides help you choose the best options


Which foods can help you feel more satisfied with fewer calories? Find out in our 6 new visual guides to high-satiety foods.

1. Top 5 Diet Doctor resources on diet and mental health

Image of a human brain

Our top 5 list of resources around the role of a ketogenic or low carb diet in the management of common mental health conditions.