The most common questions about fasting

The Most Common Questions – Dr. Jason Fung
Fasting! It’s super-effective for weight loss and diabetes reversal. But there are also many questions, and Dr. Jason Fung has heard all of them.

In this brand new seventh part of his video course he gives his answers to the most common ones, like… what do I do if I get hungry? And… is fasting better for men than for women?

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Further parts in the fasting course – as well as more recorded series with Dr. Fung and other experts – will be released shortly, as soon as editing is complete.


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  1. palo
    The results from Dr. Fung's fasting protocol are miraculous. I highly recommend you sign up for the fasting series.
  2. MarciOnline
    I dunno. Lots of us are really concerned about Fung now that Jimmy Moore has so many problems under his care. After doing a long fast with Fung, Jimmy's now got a heart arrhythmia, his blood sugar's 131(!), he's only sleeping 6 hours a night, and he seems a bit out of it mentally in his latest 'scope. We all know Jimmy really well, and that last 'scope was a bit odd for Jimmy, even tho' we know he loves to clown around.

    Jimmy's other doctor is urging him to at least get some protein. I think the Fung protocol is proving really bad for Jimmy.

    Reply: #3
  3. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    I haven't followed this exactly but look forwards to discussing it with Jimmy and Jason in Vail soon. However, is blood sugar of 131 that bad? If you mean fasting sugar then it's obviously not quite normal but marginally elevated blood sugar in the morning can be a small price to pay for long-term benefits like losing massive amounts of excess weight.
  4. Apicius
    Fasting has been miraculous for me, too. I'm thankful for Dr Fung's advice. It works wonders for me.
  5. bill
    Why can i not get the second page of responses
    on the other fasting thread?

    There is some good reasoning on the Woo's
    blog here:

    Reply: #6
  6. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    We're doing some updates to the site and that is an unfortunate new bug, we'll get it fixed ASAP.
  7. Anubhuti Bhargava
    My question is what to eat when we open fast will it be a Ketosis diet food or food no counting macros
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  9. Sajid ali
    Thank God . Finally .non believers have got
    Ramadan . Fasting benefits.
  10. Alison parker
    I received feedback quite some time ago from Jason Fung which helped me. I had been diagnosed with t2 diabetes 3 years ago when I hit the menopause at 50. I had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes with my first child 26 years ago but received no treatment or advice that it was highly likely to return.
    I have been following a lchf diet for 3 years and also was intermittent fasting twice a week for 18 months. I was frustrated that my efforts were not successful and I emailed Dr Fung. He suggested I did not have the right treatment plan. I then went for a fasting insulin test in Spain (it’s not done in uk). This showed I produced next to zero of my own insulin. I requested to come off the tablets they were giving me and start insulin. The first was a mixed insulin and I was told to have some carbohydrate with every meal. This was distressing and confusing. I requested to change to basal/bolus and now can eat lchf again. I inject the basal insulin at night but because of my diet, rarely inject with meals (only when I’m out and have no choice). I have been watching the docu-series ‘the real skinny on fat’ and fasting is featured heavily. I would like to go back to at least one day of intermittent fasting and want to know if this is possible now I’m on basal insulin. I look forward to hearing from you as I won’t get the information from my doctor or diabetic nurse. Many thanks, Alison

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