“Thanks for the low-carb challenge!”

Before and after

Before and after

Erin took the 2-week low-carb challenge and here’s her success story:

The Email

Thanks for the LCHF challenge! I did the adapted format and shot for an average of 70 g carbs per day because I’m nursing my one year old. My favorite recipe was the pizza. I’ve been making that “crust” to use for tons of other things too – tacos, sandwiches etc… that’s opened up a big door because of the versatility.

Anyway, I lost 7 pounds (of which I’d gained 5 in December from falling off the LCHF wagon!). I’d been doing semi-low carb and following your website for a while and total I’m down 29 pounds from my highest prepregnancy weight. From a size 14 to a 6! :) I weigh the same as I did in high school fifteen years ago. I had ballooned up during college while trying to eat “healthy”, low fat etc etc. But near the end of my doctoral program in pathology, I began reading a vast amount of research on nutrition and love the findings that support LCHF! I feel great and get to eat delicious things and it helps keep sugar cravings in check!

When we had our bloodwork done for life insurance our cholesterol numbers were amazing, HDL high and LDL low! I also became convinced that low fat diets are dangerous for pregnancy (it’s critical for developing brains to get healthy fats!) and nursing so I was really pleased with how well a high fat/mod carb has done for my pregnancy of my youngest.

I also had a dear family member learn about it and he switched to fullfat things and a moderate low carb. In March he had been diagnosed with high cholesterol and they wanted him to come back in October to be reevaluated and to be put on medication. So, during that time I had him switch his diet (he’d always been trying to be healthy (lots of whole grain, low fat, exercised etc etc)..

He was delighted to switch from whole grain cereal to morning bacon and eggs and switching from low fat to full-fat dairy and having meat more freely. He still had some carbs, I’m not sure what number, but definitely less than he’d had before with lots more fat and protein. By October he’d lost some weight, but most excitedly when he went to the doctor and was reevaluated, his cholesterol was down by 30 points and his triglycerides were cut in half! He didn’t need meds at all! whoohooo! :)

Thanks for making a great website that makes it easy to spread the truth about LCHF!!

Erin McCoy, PhD


Congratulations, Erin! And thank you for sharing your challenge success.

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