Should you eat slow carbs to feed your gut bacteria?

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Should you eat slow carbs to feed your gut bacteria? It’s a controversial topic, especially at a low-carb conference.

This did not stop the star of the BBC show Doctor in the House, Dr. Rangan Chatterjee. In this presentation from Low Carb Vail he discusses the differences between low carb and slow carb. And what the microbiome could do for our health.

Watch it

Watch a segment above. You can watch the whole 30 minute presentation on our member site:

More with Dr. Chatterjee

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  2. bill
    I reported my own comment so
    maybe you will look into what I'm
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  3. Apicius
    I have mixed feelings about authority nutrition, too. Not sure why I keep seeing the positive slant on "healthy" whole grains. I wouldn't promote popcorn if I had a website focused on health. It leads to mindless eating (snacking) and lots of carbs.
  4. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    I'm not a fan of everything on that site, so we moved it down from the top group of blogs. Agree that their message is no longer always appropriate for people with insulin resistance (probably the majority of the population). But they still write some interesting articles so I like to follow it.
  5. bill
    Good answer. Thanks.
  6. gbl
    For Dr. Chatterjee:

    It Takes Guts reveals fascinating new discoveries about gut microbes; our body's secret weapon in the battle of the bulge.

  7. Debra
    Hello Dr. E,

    I am new to the keto low carb dieting. Actually there are so many different programs out there I'm totally confused but keto seems to be the best choices far, as I'm still researching.

    Anyway, my question is, Would keto be a good fit for me since I have triglycerides, low blood sugar and pre-diabetic (LBS yet pre diabetic, how can this be? but I am, if not diabetic by now. It's been 3 yr since I was last tested). I don't believe fasting would be the right choice since I start feeling pretty light headed even skipping one meal much less days. But I would love to try the PROLON program (mimicking fasting).

    I am overweight or 100 lbs, currently 250, 57yr old, a chronic pain sufferer with neuropathy in both legs, some cardiovascular disease (but not enough for surgery, is what the cardiologist told me), metabolic syndrome, Sjogrens syndrome, fibromyalgia, psoriasis (scalp), ostioarthritis, several bulging discs and L5-S1 fusion (which causes chronic siatica) muscle and joint pain, acid reflux, gastroenteritis and suffer from severe depression. Last year I even had a nerve stimulator input in my spinal column area with hopes I would be able to walk easier . No help, only the pain worsened from the battery being inserted on top of the sciatic nerve in my buttock. So needless to say I do not exercise like I wish I could. I was very active when I was younger and miss the things I use to do very much.

    For the last 3+ years I have been searching for answers. I've tried several diets and seen a diet doctor the prescription medication I was given didn't phase me at all. I have spent hundreds on diet medications, nothing works. I recently started researching the Keto diet, Intermittent Fasting, Mind Body Soul Diet, Mimicking Fasting, 360 Hormone reset diet, Smart Coffee, etc. You name it, I've either tried it or researched it. I am on information overload and so confused.

    I am convinced a lot of my problems could be reversed or at least improved by diet, hormones and vitamin levels being corrected. My endocrinologist referred me for lap band surgery and just says it's interactive thyroid and ups my thyroid dosage. My GP has MS and looks at me like I have nothing to complain about and most times doesn't remember my name. I live in a small town approximately 2 hours from a city large enough for me to be selective about physicians but believe me I have seen at least 20 in the last 3 years. I feel like No one wants to take the time to just listen and help figure out what's wrong with me and help with a plan of execution.

    I know this quick question has now turned into a full biography and I apologize. I just thought you needed to know a little (haha) about me to answer my questions.

    By the way I found your presentation very interesting and knowledgeable.I

    Thank you for your time,

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  8. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Debra!

    Sorry, but we don't have the resources yet to give personal advice. But you can find a lot of interesting reading here:

    We do belive that keto diet is good choice for many people with prediabetes and diabetes.

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