Low-carb performance

Can you exercise without eating lots of carbs? Can a smart low-carb diet even IMPROVE some aspects of your physical performance, lowering your excess weight while increasing your fat-burning and your endurance?

These ideas used to be heresy, but now there are athletes out there proving that it works – in some cases completely destroying their competition. Athletes are now breaking records, doing what was once considered impossible.

Professor Stephen Phinney have been researching and testing these ideas for a long time. I recently sat down with him for this interview. In it, Professor Phinney discusses the basics behind low-carb performance, who can benefit the most from it – and how to do it right.

You can watch the first 12 minutes above.

More knowledge

There’s an 18-minute second part to the interview, where Professor Phinney goes through many more practical tips and answers common questions. This second part is on the membership pages.

Here are a few of the things Professor Phinney mentions in the full interview:

  • How avoiding gastro-intestinal problems while exercising can be one of the largest benefits from a low-carb diet
  • What other great athletes are on low-carb diets, and how they are doing
  • The story of a record-breaking rowing race from California – Hawaii, on a strict low-carb diet
  • More on how to get the full benefits and avoid potential problems
  • The future potential for athletes experimenting with this
  • And much more

All this and much more you can learn in the second 18-minute part, on the membership site.


“Take Off that Fitbit. Exercise Alone Won’t Make You Lose Weight.”

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  2. Eric
    Doctor Phinney
    Can you comment on ketone esters and or salts
    The work of PhDs Dominic D'Agostino?

    My experience with plain coconut
    Oil is it kes my blood in the 60 to 80 mg/dl range
    So why add direct keton salts or esters.

    Thanks in advance

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