1. Pierre
    "Simon Capewell at the University of Liverpool revealed that poor diet (for example, eating too much junk food without enough nuts, whole grains, fruit and vegetables) "

    Whole grains, this guy should know that this is like eating sugar.


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  2. Sandra
    It will take years of hearing this message before more Americans will believe it. We are so "ingrained" in our beliefs about grains that giving them up will be difficult. Grains and sugars are our legal drugs. They make us feel good and satisfy our cravings. They are cheap and available at every Dollar Store and grocery. Thank you for your website and information. I am making changes and happy to learn.
  3. Robbin
    Exactly Sandra! It's even a part of the Lord's Prayer and Holy Communion. No surprise that some people feel threatened by an LCHF no-grain lifestyle, especially in western, Christian influenced societies.
    Like so often before, the symbol (here the bread for the body of Christ) has been taken all too literally. There was even a senator who claimed it was unchristian not to eat bread and grains.
  4. Vicente
    Whole grains? Is this a doctor I should trust?

    This is just sad.

    "Fantastic new article?"

  5. BobM
    While I think humans should not eat any whole grains at all, I thought the article was great. The mere fact that they're arguing that exercise does not cause weight loss is incredible. And it's appearing the The Washington Post -- a very well known and well read paper. We have to start somewhere with changing the status quo, and I'm heartened these types of articles may actually do that.
  6. Leah
    This makes a lot of sense. I mean, people have become much too obsessed with over exercising as well as strict dieting. What we all should be focusing on is developing habits that promote an overall healthy lifestyle. After all, weight loss is simply a side effect of being healthy. This perspective is what separates successful weight loss strategies from those destined to fail. In fact, check out the following article that does a wonderful job of explaining the key factors in an effective, long-term weight loss strategy: http://fatfreeme.net/big5
  7. Hallgeir Ellýjarson
    A perfect article until he mentioned "whole grains" in a positive way. I'm sorry but even whole ones are fast acting carbs that make your blood sugar skyrocket.

    It is still a good message. If the overall message is good but we disagree with one thing mentioned, it's still good. Can't be too picky.

  8. Rebecca
    I just wanted to say that I love my low carb lifestyle AND I love my fitbit.

    I ignore the calorie and weight tracking but it also tracks sleep quality (sleep has been shown to impact appetite and weightloss amongst other wellness factors) and daily activity. Some of them even buzz when you've been sitting too long (which has also been shown to be detrimental to health).

    I'd buy a tracker that came from a low carb focused company in a heartbeat - a UI that didn't bother with weight or calories but tracked my carbs and all the rest -winner.

    Just because something isn't perfect doesn't make it a write-off ;)

  9. bill
    Diet Doctor:

    Why do you continue to link to this type of thing?

    "...whole grains..."

    This is just wrong wrong wrong.

    Can you justify this? Why do you continue to
    promote things like this?

    If you were an anti-smoking blog, would you
    link to an article that promotes filtered
    cigarettes, because they are at least better
    than unfiltered cigarettes?

    There's enough good info out there that
    you don't have to continually do this.
    Especially when you say how great the
    article is. No, it's not.

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  10. Eric
    Have 10,000 people eat grain products and look at glucose insulin hgba1c etcetera

    What does that indicate.

    Doctor Richard k bernstein
    Has great advice
    Limit carbs to 30 grams or less and moderate protein
    The rest is mere commentary
    Why increase carbs.
    Because you can.
    To induce insulin responses so you need to reduce carbs?
    Eat like a diabetic to avoid becoming I be one
    Looking at five hour gtt and insulin 80 percent of western populations could be considered type one type two or pre type two

  11. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Can't let the perfect be the enemy of the very good. Besides whole grains should at least be better (less bad) than white flour.
  12. bill
    But the wrong can be "fantastic"?

    Do you disagree with Dr William Davis?

    I may have to stop recommending people
    go to your website.

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  13. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    I think it's a fantastic article. The two words "whole grains" is from a quote in it and not directly related to the topic, neither does it explicitly say that more grains is necessarily better than no grains. I'm pretty sure Dr. Malhotra does not believe that anyway.

    If you're only looking for websites that never links to anything containing even a word that could be interpreted as against our own dogma then you probably should go looking for another website.

    I agree with Dr. Davis about many things, but not everything.

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  14. Murray
    Relax on the grains. One has to be strategic. Unless Dr. Malhotra intends simply to preach to the converted, he needs to anticipate the most likely touchstone for rejection of the message, and the red flag for the doubters would be grains. So conceding ground to whole grains is consistent with the general view that whole grains are healthier than highly refined grains. The next step would be to define whole grains as, get ready for this, whole grains. Yes, have your steel cut oats or soaked, whole wheat berries, but all flour is refined grain. No flour is whole grain. There is very little evidence that genuinely whole grains are a problem in any traditional culture: not everyone needs to be LCHF, as wonderful as it is.

    So I think it is prudent to promote reduction of processed sugar and processed starch in stages. Public health, after all, is the critical goal, as the current situation will bankrupt health care. Allow whole grains to enable an effective message and make further advances by redefining whole grain down the line.

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  15. bill
    Diet Doctor:

    Is this an LCHF website or not? If you have use that
    much contortion to explain why Dr Malhotra put those
    words in, you're trying too hard. Why didn't he just
    leave them out? Nobody's going to say, "He didn't
    say anything about whole grains."

    Your argument is like saying, "Women and minorities
    should have the right to vote, but let's not work toward
    getting women their rights, let's just start with minorities.
    Otherwise you'll upset the populace."

    Do you disagree with my cigarette comparison?

    You say LCHF is "dogma"? Wow, you quit your day job to
    work on an issue that you consider "dogma"? No, dogma
    is on the other side. LCHF is backed up by science. Don't
    you see the difference?

    I'm curious what you disagree with Dr Davis about?

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  16. Nate
    Well, I don't know about the DD, but your cigarette comparison proves why the DD was right to applaud Dr. Malhotra's article. An article that extensively discussed one of the dangers of cigarette smoking and then once mentioned that filtered cigarettes are better than straight cigarettes would have been great and correct, even though not perfect.

    Several years ago I commented about what I called the twin evil foods, grains and sugar. I was wondering which was worse and which would be exposed first. Well, to me at this point, it looks like sugar is going down faster. Which to me is ok, because I think that Dr. Bill Davis (like the minorities?) and Dr. Lustig (like women?) will both get their messages out there and expose the dangers of these foods.

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  17. bill
    "...Dr. Bill Davis (like the minorities?) and Dr. Lustig (like women?)..."

    You don't see this as throwing Dr Davis under the bus?

    And where's the evidence that whole grains are not as bad as
    processed grains? Who can eat a whole grain? There's much
    evidence that whole grains are just as bad as processed grain.

    Again, what does Diet Doctor disagree with Dr Davis about?

    Don't get me started on Dr Lustig and Fat Chance, page 69.

  18. Vicente
    "One has to be strategic."

    No, we don't have to.

    As a matter of fact, I don't like strategies. As a matter of fact, I like clarity.

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  20. Murray
    My error, Vincente. I should have been clearer. One has to be strategic if one wants to influence people already committed to the opposite point of view. Otherwise it is quite fine not to be strategic.
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  21. Vicente
    Not an error, Murray. We are allowed to have different opinions about topics.

    I'd rather not influence those people, than using strategies. It is just my point of view, not the right point of view.

  22. bill
    Diet Doctor:

    "I agree with Dr. Davis about many things, but not everything."

    The basis of his philosophy is that wheat is not ever to be
    consumed by humans, no matter what form it's in. Is this
    what you disagree with? What is it you disagree with?

    How can I ever send anyone to your site again? You defended
    that eating wheat is okay. Do you really believe that?
    Do you really think you are posting "dogma"?

    Why couldn't you have said, "...otherwise fantastic except
    for..." You didn't. You defended the comment.

    Are you okay with posting mostly right info, not completely
    right info?

    Have you changed your philosophy?

    Have I overstepped your bounds with these questions?

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  23. Zepp
    bill.. its simple.. we are not morons.. and we dont know everything.. its still a site about LCHF!

    But you know.. LCHF is not a religion.. its a way to eat healty.. there are other ways to eat healty too!

    LCHF is about macronutrient composition.. and there are other consideration for a healty diet too.. and there are indiviual considerations too!

    Some are healty as hell.. I cant say to them that a slice of home made surdough is posion!

    Its not that much nutrients in a slice of homemade sourdough.. but if they eat a otherwise healty diet I cant belive that they do get metabolic syndrome from it!

  24. bill
    Waiting for Diet Doctor's response.
  25. Vicente
    Bill has a point:

    "poor diet (for example, eating too much junk food without enough nuts, whole grains, fruit and vegetables)"

    Not enough whole grains...
    Not enough whole grains...
    Not enough whole grains...

    Bill said: "Why couldn't you have said, "...otherwise fantastic except
    for..." You didn't. You defended the comment.

    Telling Bill to look for another website is not what I would have expected from Andreas.

  26. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    I think a lot of people would feel better and be healthier never consuming wheat. Does this mean that NO people should EVER eat ANY wheat, or they'll be sick? Maybe, maybe not. I don't think we really know yet.
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  27. Vicente
    Therefore, we all agree that associating "poor diet" with "not enough whole grains" is not right. It is not good advice for the general population.

    Moreover, it was uncalled.

    A fantastic article, with a really big BUT.

  28. bill
    We have a therapy clinic where we deal with
    obese clients.

    You may know from dealing with overweight
    people that they will latch onto anything that
    will give them an out. It's just human nature.

    Just last night, one of our clients said, "I just
    read that Atkins has increased their recommended
    amount of carbs to 40 from 20." We tried hard to
    explain that she could not eat the increased
    amount, because at 300+ pounds, she was
    extremely carb intolerant. But she read it and
    that's what she wanted to believe.

    Now, if we send someone to your site and you
    say, "Eating grains is just fine," against the
    evidence, Dr Davis, Dr Westman, and many
    others, what do you think our clients are going
    to focus on?

    You seem to have a difficult time admitting you
    are wrong. That seems to be against your better

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  29. Zepp
    Isnt it now a on/off thinking and to interpret to much in a single message?

    I cant even say that LCHF is the best diet for everyone.. but I still promote it fore those how like to try it!

    And on top of that.. there are well done studies that show us that whole grains are better then flour.. it makes that they should eat homemade sourdogs instead of buying bread in stores!

    Some need to quite bread totaly and other refined carbs altso.. bu there are always people that can eat bread and stay healty anyhow.. as long as they dont overdo anything!

    Its the same consideration that our oponents have.. they say.. if people starts adding fat and even saturated fat, they comes to eat to much calories to there otherwise unhealty diet!

    Let us be frank.. there are no need to eat whole grain wheat.. but many can do it whitout any bad healt effects.. if they only do it in moderation and dont have any bad predisposititions against it!

    Im lactose intollerant.. does this mean that dairys is unhealty?

    And at last.. we dont know everything.. we have a site about LCHF.. we provide advices how to eat like that.. and we cant take responsibility if some interpret it in the wrong way!

    I have answered many, many, many questions on this site frome people that dont know that much of LCHF or nutrition at all.. my only hope is that people starts thinking and learning them self.. and thats my major goal and I think that is Andreas goal too?

    LCHF is no religion.. one dont need to belive anything.. one dont even need to be a paying member on the forum.. but everyone need to think by them self, this site provide some advices.. and there are more sites about a healty eating!

  30. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor

    Now, if we send someone to your site and you
    say, "Eating grains is just fine,"

    Fortunately I'm not saying that.

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  31. bill
    Dr Eenfeldt:

    Now, if we send someone to your site and you say, "Eating grains is just fine,"

    Fortunately I'm not saying that.

    In effect, that is exactly what you are saying.
    Equivocation doesn't become you.

    I recommend you stop arguing minutia with posters
    on your discussion site. Me included. Be a bit more
    discerning in your posts.

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  32. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor

    Dr Eenfeldt:

    Now, if we send someone to your site and you say, "Eating grains is just fine,"

    Fortunately I'm not saying that.

    In effect, that is exactly what you are saying.

    No. I've never said that. Nor anything like it, as far as I know.

    Perhaps whole grains are less bad than white flour though. That seems likely at least, and it's very possibly what the offending line in the article was referring to.

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  33. SeligL
    Curious to know what you think of Michael Greger MD?
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  34. Vicente
    Just the typical vegetarian liar.
    For example in this video he makes people believe that fat in the diet gives you fat in your liver and your pancreas. And therefore you get diabetes. This man is a danger for your health.
  35. bill
    "...offending line..."

    Apparently it didn't offend you.

  36. Frances
    Wow... There are some cranky people here..

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