“I’m planning to make this a permanent lifestyle”

Before and after

Before and after

Carl had lost over a 100 pounds by adopting a low carb diet three times before, but he never made the change permanently. This time, he’s planning to not fall off the wagon and gain all that weight back. Together, he and his diet partner Chris have taken on the low-carb diet:

The Email


Thanks for requesting some more information about my journey to health through following an LCHF lifestyle.

In actuality, this is the 3rd time in my adult life I have lost over a hundred pounds by following a sugar free and low carb routine. I actually find low carbing easy to do and it always works for me. My past mistake has been to fall off the wagon after I reach my goal and to gain it back. Being 56 now, and for health, not vanity reasons, I’m planning to make this a permanent lifestyle. Me and my diet partner Chris have both lost close to 100 pounds at the current time. I started at 277 and my goal is about 155, as I am just 5 foot 9 inches tall. Chris started at about 360 and has a current goal of 200 for the time being. We have been on our new plan for just over 10 months. Having done this type of eating and lifestyle I am well read on the subject and I would be glad to answer questions and to help anyone out there who needs some inspiration.

I have attached a picture of my progress so far, feel free to use on your site if you like .

Thanks for your interest!

Carl Woerner


Keep up the good work, Carl! Making the change into a lifestyle is a great choice. Good luck!

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  1. debbie hurline preston
    Carl...I saw Chris the other day and had to look twice!! didn't recognize him ! first!! wow...he looks great! he was looking so proud!
  2. Jat
    Amazing. I would like to know how you did it? I weigh around 269 pounds. Please give me some advice.
  3. Elizabeth
    Its fantastic that you have found something that works for you and you have lost weight and kept it off. I too did low carb and lost weight for many years. It would be great to find a diet that most people can adopt and easily lose weight. My concern is that this diet is not sustainable for the world. e.g it takes a lot of resources (water, land, CO2) to produce the protein/ fat required for LCHF diet.
    Is there a way you can suggest that people can do this diet whilst still being environmentally aware?
    Reply: #4
  4. bill

    You're kidding, right? Let's just keep on
    farming monocultures. That'll keep the
    planet healthy!

    Sam Feltham on the topic:


  5. Ricardo
    You look great ...Your faces show the weight loss, but , do I detect a nose job and some other small alterations? Nevertheless, YOU look GREAT.

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