Harvard professor: Coconut oil is “pure poison”


Is coconut oil one of the worst foods you can eat? Is it even a “pure poison”?

That’s what Harvard professor Karin Michels claims in her July talk “Coconut oil and other nutritional errors”. It’s available in German on YouTube, and it has now passed 1 million views. It even ended up in the media this week:

Sky News: Coconut oil ‘pure poison’, says Harvard professor

USA Today: Coconut oil is ‘pure poison,’ Harvard professor says in talk on nutrition

The Guardian: Coconut oil is ‘pure poison’, says Harvard professor

So, what is so bad about coconut oil according to Dr. Michels? The answer: It contains about 86% saturated fat – about a third more than butter! 86% saturated fat? Catastrophic! If only saturated fat wasn’t bad for you… Oh, wait. Actually, modern science shows that it is not. And thus, since natural saturated fat is fine for your health, so is coconut oil!

Study after study has shown that saturated fat isn’t bad for you. Unfortunately, outdated advice based on old and disproven theories is still being believed, even by some professors at Harvard.

I recommend checking out the updated science on the topic… or just watch this short video, where some very clever medical doctors answer the question, is saturated fat bad?


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