“This has to be the easiest weight loss ever”


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Frida had been more or less overweight her whole life, and the nurse’s advice to eat less and run more sounded easy enough, but it didn’t help. After a while she developed an eating disorder in her quest for weight loss.

Here’s her story about what happened when she recently found what worked for her:

The email


Thought I’d brag a little about my weight loss. First I lost a lot of weight, then I got sloppy in the summer/fall, suffered a sugar relapse and gained some back, and now I’ve lost it all again. And then some. This has to be the easiest weight loss ever. No calorie-counting, no weighing of food, no hunger or self-starvation. A lot of energy, and I’m stronger than ever. I’ve broken personal records in ALL exercises at the gym, in the running track, in fact everything I’ve tried. This despite the fact that I used to exercise double the amount when I ate a high-carbohydrate diet, but didn’t come close to where I am now in strength and good shape.

I guess I was born with a good appetite, and have always been a little bigger than the other kids. But as I grew the nurse began to comment on my weight, talked about the My Plate model, and that I should move more and eat less. This sounds so easy, but it wasn’t. I worked hard on food and exercise. Sometimes I exercised several times a day, and sometimes I’d eat nothing, only to go face down in food later just because I was so hungry. It didn’t work. It was almost inhumanely difficult for me to maintain a reasonable weight. As soon as I lost weight, the pounds piled up on me again. Then add the food they served at school and you have a real challenge.

After the nurse had pointed out a million times that I needed to lose X amount of weight, I finally snapped. I tried diet shakes (and everything else in the same category), all kinds of detoxes, lived on fruit and crisp bread. But no, the weight came right back again. Finally it pushed me into an eating disorder where I learned that hunger was my friend. In 9th grade I competed with myself to see how long I could go without eating. The record was 10 days, I think (I agonized if I accidentally swallowed tooth paste). The only thing I ate was fat-burning pills, and I exercised several times a day. When I had to eat, or when I lost it and went face down in candy, I’d stick my fingers down my throat. My entire life revolved around my weight.

When I entered high school I started to eat for emotional reasons. I gave up. “I might as well get fat”, I thought. All other alternatives seemed impossible. I gained 88 lbs (40 kg) in a year, and then I stayed there. I skipped PE (gym class) as I was afraid that people would just stare at my body. Every day, every hour, all I thought about was my body.

LCHF saved me. For the first time in my life I exercise because I want to, not because I want to punish my body. I can eat until satisfied. I don’t do (at least not as often) emotional eating. I eat to give my body what it needs. I’ve never had so much confidence than I have now. It probably saved me from eating myself to death.

Frida Simonsson

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  1. Rod
    Good on you mate! I know the feeling when they keep calling you fat and you have a hard time losing the weight. Great job mate!
  2. corrie
    Love your smile in photo #2 !
    Thank you for your inspiring story!! and Congratulations!!
  3. polly
    Oh sweetheart I'm so glad for you. I've just started this way of eating too and it works for me because I don't feel I'm starving ! Thanks for sharing your story. X
    Reply: #5
  4. Anthony
    Great work Frida ! Spread the word......
  5. Brenda
    I've just started too (on 7th Jan) and am loving it. The last year or two I haven't been able to find a diet that worked for longer than one week, but this time the loss is continuing and I'm down 4kg in 2½ weeks. I'm so happy! And so happy for Frida too. Doesn't she look happy!
  6. Vicente
    Congratulations Frida!

    You deserve that smile.

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  8. Paul the rat
    If you feed the body right, the body produces its own antioxidants - no need for supplements; most of which do not work anyway - waste of money.
    Reply: #14
  9. Suzanne
    I hope Frida is free of her eating disorder. I would like to hear more about the whole person, not just about her weight, or even health. We are more than our bodies!!
  10. robert mart
    I have just started the lchf diet and while it takes some getting used to, it is better than the fasting-type diets. I get really irritable when hungry. I am worried about other health issues of too much fat in the diet and too much salt in things like mayo and some smoked fish. My lips also became dry and chapped (lack of vit c?) Does this diet take time for your body to adjust to? How much exercise should i be doing? Cheers
    Replies: #11, #12, #15
  11. Zepp
    HF is high fat of your energy demand.. not so much on your plate.. i.e. its realy normal fat, one dont eat fat by spoon!

    Its probably dehydration kind of problems, ad more salt and drink more water, salt make the water stay and make you hydrated!

    The time table is.. 3 days, 3 weeks, 3 months and 3 years!

    It takes about 3 days to get glucose shortige, it then takes 3 weeks for your brain to adapt for taking up to 70% of its energy as ketones, 3 months for your muscles upregulate its fat burning capacity, 3 years to make it a life style that last!

    Do all excersise you like.. its good for healt and gives you a stronger body!


  12. Chris the Barbarian
    Why should fat be unhealthy for you? Okay, trans-fats are rather bad for you, or certain seed oils, I give you that.
    But LCHF is all about fat (hence the HIGH FAT part ;) ). Get your Fat intake mainly from Saturated Fats - Butter, Cheese, Eggs, fatty meat,... The more fat, the better. I eat at least 80% off my daily intake in fat, since I am lean, I don't have that much body-fat to spare, I want to maintain my weight - thus I need dietary fat as my energy source. Protein is not for energy - LCHF is not high protein, since not needed protein will eventually be processed to glucose via the liver (neoglucogenesis), and will raise your insulin levels.

    I would highly recommend to read at least one book on LCHF, e.g. The new Atkins by Westmann, it gives you some medical background, but much more important, hundreds of recipes and tipps, rules and suggestions to begin and maintain your diet. Or any other book, or free website (like dietdoctor.com :D ).

    And eating fat by the spoon... well, why not. Dietary fat is not evil - Actually, this is really hard, since pure fat is highly satiating (while being in nutritional ketosis).

    Reply: #17
  13. Amanda
    Fantasic job Frida! Your story is very powerful. It's amazing how much damage can come from telling someone to lose weight and not giving them a successful way to do it. I'm sorry you had to go through so much, but it's great that you have found LCHF!
  14. tony
    "If you feed the body right"

    Am I correct in assuming you mean lchf as proposed by the doctor here?

  15. Murray
    If your lips are chapped, you might not have enough fat in your diet. Coconut oil is good for skin, as would be nuts or seeds with vitamin E, such as almonds or sunflower seeds. Most friends I know have who have gone lchf report improved skin suppleness.
  16. Rehana
    Should i be worried i am lchf and i am eating only 1 meal a day which supper is it normal ?
    Reply: #18
  17. erdoke

    Protein is not for energy - LCHF is not high protein, since not needed protein will eventually be processed to glucose via the liver (neoglucogenesis), and will raise your insulin levels.

    I believe that works the other way around. Low insulin will enable higher glucagon production which will tell the liver to produce more glucose. This is also what happens when alpha cells or the liver becomes insulin resistant, i.e. the liver continues to release glucose even when insulin is high. Gluconeogenesis is not bad per se, because some tissues/cells need it even if the body is highly fat adapted. On top of that not only amino acids can serve as the basis for glucose synthesis, but also glycerol, pyruvate, lactic acid and acetate.
    Perceive glucagon as the primary switch between glucose and fat metabolism and insulin as the glucagon regulator. Then high intake of protein, especially some animal types like red meats and whey, gives relatively high insulin response resulting in inhibition of gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis, but also in inhibition of ketone body creation and fat release from adipose tissues. This is the main reason we do not promote high protein intake. On the other hand less insulinogenic proteins can be consumed at higher volumes, because they have the biggest effect on satiety. What's more, amino acids are necessary for both fat and glucose catabolism.
    To summarize, the most important physiological state we want to promote with LCHF: low insulin together with high glucagon and high sensitivity of the tissues to both. Sometimes insulin resistance is so severe that it is difficult to reverse. In these cases intermittent fasting comes handy as a very effective strategy for increasing sensitivity of (mainly) the liver and glucagon producing alpha cells. This is also the reason by the way why insulin in itself is a stupid idea for T2 diabetics.

  18. Zepp
    Its more dependant of if you get the calories, vitamines and minerals you need!

    I mostly eats twice a day, some days only ones.

    That what you do is often cald intermitent fasting.. some say its healty.

  19. Damn
    She looks so sexy in both pictures,,, but the second one is way much better, damn!!
  20. Michael
    Well done Frida, you're an inspiration to people with similar goals.
  21. Sophie
    You look great, I can relate to your story. You followed so much bad advice that was not working, I"m glad you found lchf.
  22. Derek
    Rehana, one meal a day should be left to your experience. Can you only stomach one meal a day? Have you considered how much fat is in that meal? Is it enough? You need fat to even adapt to ketone burning. Before that, you need to take opportunity of every eating occasion to get this fat burning practice. Then I believe intermittent fasting is the result of not feeling hungry due to successful burning of ketones. When I started I didn't want to eat that much because I got nauseated over a plate of Lchf food that should have been easy to put down. This was combined with long time spans between meals and breaking down muscle was an unecessary stress result on my body. Now that that is resolved I can follow what I'm saying here to become a person energized by ketones. Point being - some would say fasting can be utilized too early.
  23. Sheelagh
    What an incredible story Frida, so inspiring thank you!! What an awful place for you to have ended up as a young woman starving yourself and gaining all that weight. How amazing that you turned your life around. I too have ended up with very disordered eating and have gained a huge amount of weight, I'm so embarrassed and panicked about my health. I feel like this is my last chance. Starting LCHF today. Your story gives me so much hope

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