The picture that changed everything

Before and after

Before and after

Annelie Löfgren told her story on our Swedish Facebook page:

When I saw the picture to the left I decided that this had gone too far. This was in July 2012.

I’m so happy that I found LCHF. I’m so happy that I gave myself the chance to feel good!

Now I’m 88 lbs (40 kg) lighter since the summer of 2012. I’ve managed to squeeze in a pregnancy and son number three in between too! (A beloved little Theodor, whom in all likelihood wouldn’t exist, had I not found LCHF.)

Now I have the chance to live with them for a longer time! I also have the chance to stay longer in my profession as a hair dresser. Not finished yet, but soon! :)

Congratulations, Annelie!


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  1. Randal L. Schwartz
    OMG. What a transformation, in such a short time. Had I myself not discovered LCHF, I'd consider this a fraud. :)
  2. Michelle
    Excellent results! You look so young and happy. Well done. x
  3. Yvie Wagner
    Wow, well done such a brilliant result for your effort &hard work Annelie.
    I have been following this method for a considerable time too.
    I'm not Obese, just about 7 - 10 kilos overweight. Even this amount is too much.
    I carry a lot of fat on my body, the visible fat I feel is just being an external indicator of what's going on internally........ What is the answer ? I keep trying but nothing helps.
    I guess having a naturally high blood Insulin level no matter if I am on a carb free diet well 20g per day, of non processed veg/fruit carb, doesn't have a visible effect. I'm hoping the lowered intake of Glucose containing and producing diet is at least helping me internally........
    Though blood tests indicative of 'fatty liver' don't bode well........Yvie
  4. NM
    Heh. I notice one of the Swedish commenters pointed out something I noticed too - she's basically turning into a young Agnetha Fältskog. Which is no bad thing!
  5. Jen
    Wow, you're story is so inspiring! Almost brought tears to my eyes to see such a transformation. Way to go!
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  7. Charlotte
    Oh My Wow!

    I wish I could know more about her story. I'm at that exact same stage. I saw that picture of me a few months back and started doing LCHF. And I feel amazing! And now I just found out I'm pregnant, really thought that would put a 9 months stop to my weight loss. Maybe it doesn't have to??
    I really wish I could know more about how she did it :)
    And yes, what a transformation! Like the cliché says: The biggest difference is in her smile :)

  8. Margie
    Charlotte, why would you want to lose weight during a pregnancy? The focus should be on you being healthy and developing a healthy baby. There are physicians who promote the LCHF diet and should be able to advise you on what to do during pregnancy.

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