Dr. Malhotra on BBC News: “Claim that low-carb shortens lifespan is completely false”

The new study suggesting that a low-carb diet might decrease life expectancy was very popular in the media last week. Cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra was invited to the BBC World News to comment on the situation and he pointed out the exaggerations of the media as well as the shortcomings of the study.

To someone who analyses research in detail over the years about what constitutes the healthiest diet, this headline/claim that suggests that eating a low-carb diet shortens lifespan is completely and totally false. Any suggestion that it does, I would describe as a miscarriage of science. One of the reasons for that is this type of studies what we call observational studies. There are so many flaws with this, you can’t draw cause and effect.

The full interview is worth watching, you can check it out here:


Could a low-carb diet shorten your life?

Could a keto diet increase the risk of diabetes (if you’re a mouse)?

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  1. Patricia Henry
    Person like me weighs 265 lb will keto help me to lose weight something I need to know before I get started I don't know what's my portion size how much water should I drink everyday
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  2. ModMom
    I would say yes,but you cannot cheat at all or it will not work in most cases. My son lost 75 lbs in 8 months, and he was strict BUT the food was delicious and filling and rich so he felt full and had no cravings for junk or sweets. I didnt have weight to lose so much, but I lost 10-12lbs on LCHF over a year. It was hard to change old habits..like nibbling all the time in between meals . Good luck on this journey. Use the recipes and meal plans , its really great food!
  3. opinion 1
    Hi Patricia,

    One of the most important factors for you to determine when changing eating habits are identifying and food allergies and intolerances in order to reduce inflammation and restart your metabolism. Keto can certainly help you loose weight, but if you continue to consume substances that your body cannot process it will only perpetuate your issues and could keep you stagnant in your weight. I suggest consulting a natural health nutritionist if you can. They can introduce you to the two types of allergy food testing as well as advise you how to safely start an elimination diet to identify food intolerances. They will take into consideration your weight, height and lifestyle and be able to advise what your intake and portion sizes should be. I hope this helps!

  4. Maggie
    Hi Patricia ...take the 2 week challenge here on dietdoctor...listen and watch all of the videos by top Drs and professors here on dietdoctor ....andvyes you will loose weight in a healthy way ...don,t go hungry ...eat until you are full and then stop...enjoy what you are eating...it may take a couple of days to get used to no fast foods and chocolate etc...but well worth it...make up a list of your favorite foods ...and enjoy...we have been doing this diet on here with dietdoctor for the last 12 months...best thing that both myself and my husband chose to do...enjoy the great recipes and foods...no need to calorie count...your body will tell you when you are full and when you are hungry...and enjoy your weight loss and healthier you journey...all the best xxxx
  5. Maggie
    We by the way did a medium carb diet....not Keto...both of us lost weight and had great blood results that had improved our health...enjoy xxx
  6. Cassieoz
    Just listen to the way the interviewer introduces the subject. If you open with the strong affirmative statement and follow with waffly questions of doubt, nothing Dr M says will shake the first-impression she laid down. Then finish the interview with "oh but it's all too hard and we need a bit if chocolate" and see what message viewers actually take away. Manipulative media tactics and journalists who don't have insight into their own bias
  7. Christine Gould
    BUT you can eat chocolate on keto/ low carb.healthy fat....just the right sort!!!
    AND make chocolate based desserts using good pure ingredients if you so desire.
    Is easy really....follow the Green List with some from the Orange List occasionally.
    Keto is really just good healthy food, eliminating most grains and sugars.
  8. Monica
    Hi Patricia.

    I'm on day 4. Started at 252. Days 1 and 2 were hard because of teaching myself what was good and bad and counting carbs. Over ate carbs on day 1. Researched recipes and got an app to help me.

    Yesterday - Day 3? Really amazing. No hunger for most of the day - wasn't even tempted to have the homemade pizza that I made for friends and usually adore.

    Today - slight keto flu in the morning - but had the salt water (yuck) and feeling much better for it. Time to make dinner now and I'm not hungry.. but will cook as I have family to feed. Will cook seperately for me and eat whenever the hunger arrives..

    FYI - I thought I couldn't live without bread so made keto bread to help with that habit. It's way more filling than normal bread (thanks psyllium) and its quite tasty too 😊

    Good luck if you decide to go ahead - oh, and though I over ate the first day, I'm already down 4lbs 😂 I know its water weight but still feels good 😉

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