How different kinds of bread affect blood sugar levels, compared to teaspoons of sugar


Think whole-grain bread is a good choice? Could it help you control your blood sugar? Not necessarily.

If you look at the graph above (made by the eminent Dr. David Unwin), you can see that the difference in effect on blood sugar levels is fairly small between different kinds of conventional bread. A single serving of any of them is equal to several teaspoons of sugar. You’d probably be better off avoiding it completely if you have diabetes.

Is there a better option if you’re really craving bread, one that does not affect blood sugar levels? Absolutely – just check out our low-carb bread recipes below.

Low-carb bread recipes

Video with Dr. Unwin

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  1. Parul Srivastava
    How does sourdough bread compare please?
  2. George
    Curious how sprouted bread like Ezekiel compares as well?
  3. Janet Avison
    Also spelt bread
  4. Ginger Griffin
    please answer these questions
  5. Nick
    I've heard that Sourdough is better, as the starch has fermented.
  6. Ruth
    Questions can be answered by looking up the glycemic index of sough dough and comparing that value to any of those given in the chart.
  7. Rod
    Re the questions posted above.
    Sourdough has a GI of 53 and being a bit heavier per slice results in a similar load, maybe a bit less. Sprouted grains like Ezekial have a GI of 36 and being much heavier per slice results in a similar load. Spelt has a high GI much the same as wheat.
    One slice of Ezekial bread knocks me out of ketosis.
  8. Donna Wright
    Is it possible to get the full list of the foods on the glycemic index teaspoon chart and if so where from?
    Thank you

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