Diabetes UK promotes “scientific-based” top recipes for diabetics: cakes and brownies!


This has to be seen to be believed. Diabetes UK recently featured their top diabetes recipes from last year on their site. The top three?

  1. Apple and cinnamon cake (made with wheat flour, 33.5 grams of carbs and 19.4 grams of sugar PER SLICE)
  2. Chocolate brownies (containing chocolate, maple syrup i.e. sugar and wheat flour)
  3. Pear and almond traybake (containing sugar and wheat flour)

Scientific and healthy?

Interestingly they claim that their recipes are…

…written by chefs and clinical advisors at Diabetes UK using current scientific-based evidence.

They also say that….

Did you know that there’s actually no such thing as a diabetic recipe? If you have diabetes, you can eat the healthy foods everyone else eats… our recipe finder is full of over 300 nutritious, quick and simple recipes you can make at home. All have been tested and cooked by a chef and nutritionally analysed by a registered dietitian.


So if you have diabetes, head over there and have their top sugar and flour-filled cakes and brownies. Remember, they are all nutritious and healthy and based on scientific evidence. So you can feel quite safe while spiking your blood sugar.

So who will gain the most from this? Abbott, Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk and Takeda. Companies selling drugs to lower blood sugar for people with diabetes, and companies that are among the main sponsors of Diabetes UK.

Of course there’s no better way to raise your blood sugar and need to up your medication than eating cakes full of sugar and wheat flour.

Eat the Diabetes UK recommended cookies and you’ll benefit their sponsors, who can then afford to spend even more on sponsorship. Everyone wins. Except you.


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