From couch potato to powerlifter in 2 years with LCHF

Styrkelyft1Some pasta sellers still claim it’s impossible to exercise hard on LCHF. Others try for themselves with great success:

Here’s the result after 2 years with LCHF… And my lactose issues have gone away for good as well. Going from a 220-lbs (100 kg) couch potato to making it to the Swedish Championships in powerlifting at 179 lbs (81 kg) took me 18 months.

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  1. Kerryn
    It can be done! My husband went from over 100 kg (he didn't divulge exactly how much over!) and less than a year later won the mixed (male & female team of two) category in a multi-stage mountain bike race with about 1200 competitors. Had been on the LCHF way of eating for about 5 months at the time and was 88kg. He's tall, so a good weight for him.
    In addition to being able to compete in endurance sports, his IBS seems to have improved amazingly well.
  2. Joe
    There are several professional athletes that eat LCHF. It's silly to think that people can't survive and thrive without eating carbs. This is true particularly when it comes to endurance, where a LCHF athlete may have better access to fat stores than a sugar-burning athlete.

    Some people even succeed doing brutal exercise routines on ketogenic diets. That's not to say that ketogenic diets are the optimal diet for athletes but that they certainly are a viable option for certain people and a great option for many workout buffs that want to keep their body fat low.

    If anyone thinks that one has to have large amounts of carbs to workout strenuously, check out Peter Attia. Case closed.

  3. Eric Anderson
    As an aid to your performance look at stanford university research for cool glove and athletic performance. Might help with training and compatition.

    Coolsthe blood and thus enables beter workout and performance. Stanford University uses i as well as NFL and Special Forces and many others.


    PS I have no financial ties or conflict

  4. Suzanne D.
    I've been back on LCHF for the past 2 weeks (have already dropped weight that I gained over holidays). I continue to exercise as it's something I've been doing consistently for 14 years. I've been on LCHF since last summer and never stopped exercising.

    I did a Bodypump class (1 hr) this morning and a 50-min spin class yesterday morning while doing IF (noon to 7 pm) and LCHF. I'm eating approx. 1600 cals with ratios being: fat 70-75%; prot 20-25%; carbs 12-15%.

    I have no issues with lack of energy. Only issue is that my strength is slightly weaker when doing Pump compared to when I was eating HCLF, but amount of lean muscle is greater (if that makes any sense).

  5. Doug
    Since beginning LCHF in October 2011 I have lost weight from 345 pounds, down to 215 pounds. During that time, I powerlifted regularly, 3 times per week doing only heavy compound barbell exercises. No "cardio". After losing most of my fat in about 14 months, I have since put on about 15 pounds of muscle and my strnegth is great. Not bad for a 43 year old male.

    Heavy barbell training is excellent exercise, and unlike endurance exercise (jogging, walking, biking, swimming) as you adapt to the training, you get more muscular, better posture and denser bones. As you adapt to endurance training, you lose skeletal muscle, lighter bones and have to exercise MORE to burn the same number of calories you did when you were in bad shape.

    Endurance exercises supports the "calories in, calories out" method of dieting. Barbell training supports LCHF!

  6. Dan J
    I'm interested to hear how you are getting your fat. I got avocados, macadamia nuts, olive oil, coconut oil and animal fat. Any other suggestions?
  7. Jenny Coetzee
    Do you have any couching or how does your program work please?
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  8. Peter Biörck Team Diet Doctor
    Hi Jenny!

    Right now we "only" have our two week challenge:

    Do you have any couching or how does your program work please?

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