Dr. Mosley: “You can eat to reverse diabetes, so why aren’t health professionals telling you how?”


Nobody has missed that the UK has been, and is, amid a huge health crisis when it comes to type 2 diabetes. But why are people’s blood sugar levels ever increasing, in spite of many attempts to reverse this trend? Dr. Michael Mosley is yet another doctor who understands why.

Daily Mail: You CAN eat to beat diabetes – so why isn’t the NHS telling you how? The man behind the revolutionary 5:2 diet reveals exactly what should be on YOUR plate

Dr. Mosley’s conclusions? That the “eat-low-fat, exercise-more” advice that has been given is counterproductive and actually exacerbates the problem. Also, doctors are not educated enough on the impact of diet. Instead they are pressured to prescribe diabetes medications.

So what is Dr. Mosley’s suggestion then? Eat more fat (such as eggs, salmon and olive oil), try intermittent fasting… and realize that exercise won’t help you lose weight.


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  1. Toni Wray
    If you read the comments section below this news item, it contains all the usual, depressing stuff - exercise more, eat less, etc. Reading them, I was struck by a sad thought - the response to Dr Mosley is not just from ignorance. It is also about believing "I'm thin so I'm better than you". People who can cope with a high carb diet want to continue believing that they are thin because they are virtuous. It's not just the food manufacturers or the health authorities who have a vested interest sticking with the high carb, low fat mantra - a lot of slim people do too. Accepting that they were just lucky with their body chemistry would be hard. Accepting that it is cruel to blame the overweight for their problems is hard. So they continue to congratulate themselves on their virtue and to blame us for our failings even as the evidence stacks up and up. They are wrong, but what will it take to convince them? Sadly I think it will take a lot. No one wants to think badly of themselves.
  2. Marion
    I'm afraid I won't read dr. Mosley's piece... I'm not a fan of his. I used to enjoy his documentaries/science programs on the BBC, but then he wrote his 'fasting diet book', which I bought last year (because I saw dr Fung's YouTube video and I - who had been lowcarbing for two years at that point without losing a single gram, which turns out to be a thyroid problem - thought that Mosley's book would help me 'kickstart' the fatburning). To make a long story short: I threw the book first against the wall in rage and then in the bin in disgust. It was full with warnings against 'the dangers of saturated fat' and urged people to use seed oils. It still adhered to the calorie counting and 'whole grain' mantra from what I remember (I've tried to ban the waste of paper from my mind).
    There is a saying in my language about people who " hear the sound of the bell, but don't know where the clapper hangs", to describe people who apparantly know a lot but have completely missed the essence. Dr. Mosley's 'fasting diet' book impressed me to be a halfbaked attempt on introducing lowcarb while still safely adhering to the high carb, low vegetable oil 'mediterranian' doctrine.
    Maybe dr. Mosley has seen the light, maybe not. It will be long time, however, before I will read or watch anything from him again.
    I'm sorry, I don't want to be such a grump and Debby Downer all the time, but I have been *seriously* disappointed by dr. Mosley, perhaps more so because I used to like him quite a bit.
  3. Pierre
    "“You Can Eat to Reverse Diabetes, so Why Aren’t Health Professionals Telling You How?”"

    First, because most of them don't know and secondly 99% of people will not listen anyway.

  4. Bill Johnston, Voice Actor
    My wife is a Type 2 Diabetic. In the last seven months, she has been hospital (H) for fractured pelvis (ouch) and knee replacement revision (the first, a partial replacement, started collapsing (I don't know what this means), requiring its removal and replacement, this time with a full replacement. Each hospital stay was followed by a period in a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF). For the first case it was four days, followed by 22 days; for the second case it was four days, followd by eight days, respectively. In both situations, her chart was clearly marked to indicate her diabetic status and, of course, other of her records told the same story.

    On visiting her in both the hospitals and the SNFs, I was present when some of her meals were served. On one breakfast occasion, I observed them providing her with pancakes and syrup along with some canned fruits. On a lunch occasion, I observed them providing her with sliced turkey accompanied by a huge mound of mashed potatoes covered with a gravy thickened with flour. Suffice it to say, the rest of the fare offered by the institutions was formulated to the same standards.

    Being appalled at what I saw, I asked why, if they knew she was diabetic, they were serving her so much carbohydrate. I was told it was the diabetic diet prescribed by the Head Nutritionist. Surely, this was an error, I thought. I asked to speak with the nutritionist and after a while she came into the room. In answer to my query to her about the high carbohydrate components of the meals, she said the following, "Oh. it's okay. All of our dishes conform to the ADA (American Diabetes Association) guidelines. We keep good control of our diabetic patients' blood glucose levels by giving them Insulin." When I talked about the negative effects of high carbohydrate ingestion and the merits of of a closer-to-nutritional ketogenic diet, she acknowledged the merits of such a diet but said her hands were tied, she mumbled something about standard of care, and then walked out of the room.

    I started bringing my wife food from home. One of her favorites was a fake taco plate (i.e., with everything but the tortillas, rice, and beans). I made it as a ground beef casserole based on a DietDoctor recipe. When I was going to serve it, I just heated it up in the staff lounge microwave.

    I still think letting blood glucose spike and then controlling it with Insulin is an inhumane practice. But, I realize I am spitting into the wind in trying to get them to do something differently.

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  5. Apicius
    Wow...what an incredible story. How brainless can the ADA be?
  6. Sandy Hathaway

    Can someone tell me how to keep my weight up on low carb. Successfully used the diet and now keeping glucose levels under control but weight still creeping off and I dont want to lose any more.

  7. jilm smith
    Sandy. Eat More.
  8. Drachula
    Eat more fat! Love it!
  9. Kenrick
    They don’t tell because it’s really all about MONEY ...

    Simples ...no profit in health, and certainly no profit if folks stop eating grains and not forgetting the liquids of death : vegetable oils etc

    So, all the reasons combine to one factor - MONEY and Profit above health is their mantra ...whatever way you look at it ...

    Sad, bu a t true testament of this worlds incredible/ inordinate levels of corporate and personal greed ...


  10. Anna Doughty
    I cannot thank Dr Mosley enough, I have in 2 months got blood sugar down from 85 to 54 and I feel great. Blood pressure 127/77. Lost nearly a stone. Gained knowledge on what spikes blood sugar. I recommend Dr Mosley's book if you want to control diabetes effectively and in many cases reverse it altogether.

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