Dr. Mosley: “You can eat to reverse diabetes, so why aren’t health professionals telling you how?”


Nobody has missed that the UK has been, and is, amid a huge health crisis when it comes to type 2 diabetes. But why are people’s blood sugar levels ever increasing, in spite of many attempts to reverse this trend? Dr. Michael Mosley is yet another doctor who understands why.

Daily Mail: You CAN eat to beat diabetes – so why isn’t the NHS telling you how? The man behind the revolutionary 5:2 diet reveals exactly what should be on YOUR plate

Dr. Mosley’s conclusions? That the “eat-low-fat, exercise-more” advice that has been given is counterproductive and actually exacerbates the problem. Also, doctors are not educated enough on the impact of diet. Instead they are pressured to prescribe diabetes medications.

So what is Dr. Mosley’s suggestion then? Eat more fat (such as eggs, salmon and olive oil), try intermittent fasting… and realize that exercise won’t help you lose weight.


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How to Reverse Your Type 2 Diabetes


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