Megan Ellam

MeganMegan Ellam is the Australian-based author, photographer, and recipe developer behind Mad Creations, 365 Keto Club, 10+ keto cookbooks.

Megan lives in Newcastle, Australia, with her partner in life and business, Dave, and her little fur-baby, Stormbringer.

A lifelong foodie, Megan’s passion lies in creating amazingly delicious low-carb and easy keto recipes. Her approach to recipes is to create fresh, tasty, and easy to prepare meals the whole family will love.

From a young age, Megan was cooking for her family, which led to her professional cooking career in several award-winning restaurants.

Megan found the keto lifestyle in early 2017 when she was diagnosed with insulin resistance; she then lost 66 pounds (30 kilos) by changing to a low-carb lifestyle. Back in 2018, Megan shared her success story with us, and since then she’s never looked back.


Megan created the hugely popular keto blog Mad Creations Hub where she shares her colorful, healthy keto and low-carb recipes to inspire others to enjoy real food, simply prepared.

Additionally, Megan has self-published 30+ cookbooks and eBooks with almost 2,000 keto recipes in total.

Her cookbooks, such as Slow Cook Keto, The Healthy Family Keto Cookbook, Every Day Keto, and Keto Loco, are beautifully photographed and showcase keto recipes that are simple, fresh, delicious, and family-friendly.

In early 2020, Megan developed a product line of clean keto baking pantry mixes. These mixes include keto wraps, pancakes, porridge, pizza bases, keto shortbread, and more. Distributed by Keto Eats, the products are being distributed to many low-carb suppliers and stores across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Korea.

You can find more of Megan’s recipes on the Mad Creations Hub website, on her social media accounts, or join the Mad Creations community on Facebook.

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Recipes from Megan Ellam

Megan’s holiday recipes are available for Diet Doctor Plus members only from Nov 2021 until Feb 2022.


Megan’s cookbooks

Megan has published over 30 cookbooks such as Slow Cook Keto, Keto Loco, The Healthy Family Keto Cookbook, Every Day Keto, and The Cookie Jar eBook.

All cookbooks are available at the Mad Creations Hub shop.


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