1-year results of the Virta Health keto study

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Today Virta Health published the 1-year results of their ongoing study of a keto diet and remote care to treat type 2 diabetes, and the results are very encouraging. Here’s CEO Sami Inkinen’s reaction:

We know we have a long way to go before we reach our goal of reversing type 2 diabetes in 100 million people. In the meantime, I think we can safely say goodbye to managing type 2 diabetes, and hello to reversing it.

This is yet another study demonstrating scientifically what so many people have experienced first hand, and what makes so much sense in the first place. If you eat less of the foods that turn to sugar in your gut, you’ll lower your blood glucose and start reversing type 2 diabetes.

It makes perfect sense. And studies prove that it works. Perhaps it’s time to actually start using it, as a standard treatment?

Virta Health is doing important work, accelerating that change. Check out our mini-documentary about Sami Inkinen and Virta Health below.


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