Woman on BBC Radio reverses diabetes with Diet Doctor!


Here’s a fantastic story straight from BBC radio.

A woman tried to improve her type 2 diabetes by following the advice which she was given by her doctors, but it didn’t help at all. Then she found DietDoctor.com – and reversed her diabetes!

Here’s the most interesting part:

I was diagnosed as diabetic two years ago, spent a year following what the doctors told me to do, and the nurses told me to do and decided there must be a better way because it was just stabilising me, taking the medication.

So I sat by my pool in Florida when I was on holiday over there and thought I’m going to study this and I found DietDoctor.com, followed what they said, cut carbs, high fat, loads of butter, bacon, eggs, love it. Can eat all sorts of things and I’ve lost weight. And the weight loss has caused the diabetes to go away, and my doctors are absolutely amazed!

Listen to the full story here, at 52:40 into the program:

BBC Radio: 5 Live Breakfast

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  1. Tor H
    I would say that it's not the weight loss that caused the dieabetes to go away, the reduction or elimintation of processed carbohydrates did.

    Eat real food and the body thrives :)

  2. Kenneth
    "I would say that it's not the weight loss that caused the diabetes to go away, the reduction or elimination of processed carbohydrates did"

    My thoughts exactly. I reversed my diabetes within a few months of going low carb. I still weighed 375 pounds. In fact, I had my very first A1c taken just 5 weeks into the diet. That is when I was diagnosed as a Type 2 Diabetic. My doctor was perplexed. She said that my 6.7 A1c score indicated that I had diabetes, but my fasting BG was normal. I told her I was on a low carb diet. She said to keep doing what I was doing and come back in 3 months for another A1c. I did. My follow-up A1c score was 6.0 (pre-diabetes). 9 months later I was tested again... 5.1 - totally normal. I'd lost a lot of weight but I was still morbidly obese. It was how I ate that fixed me. The weight loss and the reversal of my diabetes were both a result of me changing how I eat to low carb.

  3. Tor H
    Well done taking control and reversing your disbetes/insulinresistance :)

    This shows that weight itself has nothing to do with diabetes 2.
    If it did then all people would automaticly get diabetes 2 at a given weitght. (Poor sumo wrestlers in that case :) )

  4. Apicius
    Interesting comment on this radio program regarding the financial state of NHS in UK (due to high cost of high rates of metabolic diseases like diabetes) and how LCHF would reverse it.

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