Were the ancient Egyptians healthy, while basing their diet on wheat?

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Is it healthy to live on a diet full of “healthy” whole grains, while eating no sugar or modern processed foods?

Let’s look at a well-known people who did exactly that. Above is a short segment from a presentation by Dr. Michael Eades at last year’s LCHF Convention. The ancient Egyptians basically ate what most modern nutritionists would consider a perfect diet. So what happened?

Unfortunately, in autopsied mummies there are signs of severe heart disease and some people even had weight issues… perhaps it’s not so healthy to base your diet on wheat?

Watch the full presentation

In the full presentation Dr. Eades also talks a lot about the origins of the low-carb diet. You can buy access to the entire LCHF convention for $49 dollars from the organizers. Or you can watch this talk on our member pages:

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  1. David Snow
    The first word of the title of this post should be WERE, not WHERE. Only saying this to help. Great article and video, as always. Thank you.
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  2. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Quite right, thanks.
  3. Ralph
    So, carb loaded food pyramids have been around for quite a while.
  4. KS Gill
    What the pure vegetarians eat in LCHF diet
  5. gbl
    Those who were mummified were the upper class elite. They ate and lived differently from the people who built the tombs.

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