The world’s top LCHF conference is finally online!

A few months ago the world’s top LCHF experts gathered in lovely Cape Town, South Africa, for a massive four day conference. I was there presenting as well. It truly felt like a historic gathering.

Unfortunately not everyone can go to Cape Town, even for an occasion like this. Over 600 people participated, but most of the people around the world who would have wanted to be there sadly missed it.

Now it’s possible to watch all the 30 presentations online, as the online LCHF Convention launched today.

You can check out previews from the presentations for free. The entire online convention is $69 but the presenters – including me – get to invite people for only $49, so following this link you get that significant discount:

The Low Carb High Fat Convention Online

[UPDATE January 2017: The convention is no longer online. But you can still watch most of the presentations on our member site (free trial one month)]

As an added bonus you also get access to transcripts of all the presentations and handy direct links for any studies and articles discussed.

I highly recommend the online LCHF convention, it’s a convenient recording of an historic event.

Regarding the Cost

Note that we get no part of the price of the conference – even if you follow the discounted link above. We never do affiliate marketing here at Diet Doctor for credibility reasons.

The full price of the online conference goes to the organizers (they are well worth it!) and will hopefully cover the significant cost of filming, editing and transcribing four days of presentations. Any surplus will help the organizers set up new LCHF conferences. The next ones are preliminarily planned for London and Washington!


  1. David Tomlinson
    Really excited by the possibility of this being in London next year.

    Keep us posted!

  2. Christoph
    Been a bit suspicious about the price. I tried the free preview and thought "... my God... quite a lot of speeches!" ... and okay... I also thought "... Taubes, you're getting old... ;) "

    I'm really excited 'bout the future. If Vienna is an option some day, you'll find me there!

  3. robert lipp
    Hi. Listened to the pre view, sorry the music is too loud. For people even slightly hard of hearing this is a difficult listen. Should the full 24 hour version also have loud background music then it will be a long and difficult to listen to. Moreover, for any price it therefore becomes expensive.
    Do conference attendees get a further discount?
  4. Caleb
    I can't wait for it to come to Washington! I'm in Florida, but I will drive all the way there for this. Thanks for the discount link. Going to go buy this now.
  5. Ken
    Did anyone go to this in South Africa?
  6. Ed
    The link is not working, it goes to a login page, not able to buy access to the complete event. Help???
    Reply: #7
  7. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Updated the post above!
  8. Jan
    I bought the entrance to the video's 2 years ago at the lchf website, but now the site is no longer available. I often want to watch those again but now I have no entrance to this information anymore. Does this mean I have to buy the 'rights' to see the video's again, by becoming a member at this website?
    As a student I don't have the budget to become a member at this moment and it saddens me that I can't watch them anymore.
  9. Shelly
    The links are still not working, Doc.


  10. Gloria
    The video stop often. Hope the interruptions are fixed
  11. Anne Mullens
    Gloria, if you click on the icon of the gear (settings) you can choose a lower video quality like 720 or lower. The video may be too high definition for your internet server. That should fix the stops and stuttering.

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