Virta Health: Reverse your type 2 diabetes with ketogenic coaching


The just launched tech company Virta Health can help you reverse your type 2 diabetes, with the help of a ketogenic diet, a mobile app and coaching by nutritionists and doctors.

It’s possible to sign up and pay cash if you’re not on an employer-sponsored health plan. The price has been a bit unclear until now, but appears to be $400 per month for the first year:

diaTribe (dT): How will the individual version of Virta Health be priced?

Virta Health (VH): Most of Virta’s patients come through employer-sponsored health plans, and Virta is covered for those people. For patients who come to Virta directly, we offer an out-of-pocket (cash-pay) option that costs roughly $400 per month for the first year. Virta has both monthly and yearly payment options, and also offers a patient assistance program based on the ability to pay. After you apply online, you’ll receive more information about Virta that includes pricing details, which you can review before scheduling a consultation.

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