Tip: Did you fall off the wagon?


Did you fall off the wagon? Did you eat something you did not plan to eat – or a lot of it?

Here’s what you do: Be kind to yourself. It doesn’t matter. Just move on and get right back to low carb again. Everyone makes mistakes.

This does not mean that “cheat days” are recommended. If you are addicted to sugar or struggle to lose weight, cheating could be a big issue for you. Eating things that trigger your addiction could make you stray from your healthy eating habits and back down into the darkness of addiction again. And weight loss might come to a screeching halt and perhaps it will take time to get it going again.

You’ll have to decide for yourself if it is worth the risk. People with addiction issues usually find it’s not worth it.

This might sound sad and annoying, but it is the undisputed truth. An alcoholic can’t “cheat”, they can’t have just one day of drinking, they’d be right back where they started: addicted and miserable.

There are other ways to achieve the same reward sugary foods give you. Perhaps buying that outfit you want or going on a trip somewhere. Or just by beating the addiction and regaining your health and life.

That being said, if you do happen to eat a lot of stuff you shouldn’t have, be kind to yourself. Stuff happens to everyone. It’s OK.

Just get right back on track. Perhaps by taking our free 2-week low-carb challenge.

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  1. gneal
    I find that keeping a daily log of my fasting blood sugar and ketone levels provides additional incentive to stick to my plan. There's a minor sense of accomplishment when recording good numbers. There's immediate feedback when recording bad numbers. There's a greater feeling of accomplishment when getting the numbers back in the good range.

    I think the immediate feedback is key. As a bonus, the numbers don't have the same negative emotional overtones you'd typically get from human feedback.

  2. Lonneke
    Good numbers are satisfying. Also my pride keeps me going, as I will be dammed if I want to go back to my Doctor and ask for all my Diabetes meds back. No way!
  3. Blanca
    after starting my travel almost 3 years ago on a paleo-low carb-no grain eating plan, I've got some ups and downs, times where I eat more calories and times where I eat less. In the overall I lost 10lbs, that's not much, but I must agree with Cristina B that It has been faster that way than any other path to loos weight.
    My preocupation now, is the same she points:
    "8. Weight loss. This has been extremely difficult. Right now I am focused on slowly losing weight, and keeping the false hunger in check. I wish I could show you some pictures of a svelte figure, but the truth is that I would like to lose about 10 more pounds. Also, minor transgressions in my diet can lead to quick weight gain, and this phenomenon seems to get worse every year!"
    That's true...I've I get off, on Christmas or at a party, I gain 2 lbs in a day!!
    My concern is: can my metabolism be "underruled" by the changes and now is incapable to fix? Does anyone nows how to become a flexible metabolic person?
    Thanks everyone!
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  4. C.H.
    You shouldn't be worried about calories. In fact, if you explore the ideas behind the Zero Carb movement, you might be eating too few calories to lose weight! I am currently pregnant, so over the holidays, when I splurged on carbs for a couple days, my feet swelled fast with retained water. They went back to normal after a couple days back on track. Being able to leave fingerprints in my ankles motivates me to rein in the carbs after a splurge! Anyway, if I'm starting to notice carb-creep, even from vegetable sources, I tend to revert to Zero Carb principles: get very, very full on meat, eggs, and cheese, and (not ZC friendly ->) save eating any sides (usually broccoli and cheese or salad) for last. I also prefer the ZC measurement of pants-fit over pounds lost.
  5. Dr Rosa Fuentes, MD
    Blanca, with problems that persistent and resistant to carb free eating, you have to consider the possibility of a hormonal problem. Get a complete and thorough blood analysis with a functionally oriented doctor including thyroid antibodies and testosterone. If these are to blame, correction can make a world of difference!
  6. Amanda
    i Loved this photo! That is how I FEEL. Thanks for the pep talk and advice to be kind and just get back on track ! 11kgs down and still going, but felt guilty about the occasional lapses. This has helped. Back on the wagon for me....
  7. Laura
    I have been on Keto since March and hadn't cheated until earlier this week. Have lost 48 pounds and just about halfway. However, I needed to abandon Keto for a few (2) days. I am back on track on Wed. with fasting (broth today to eliminate water retention from pizza + chips) and, tomorrow, I'll resume Keto eating. I hope I don't go through withdrawal again, but I know what to expect if I do.

    The only thing I've found is that I cannot eat the level of fat or cheese that is normally on this plan. Milk products cause a histamine reaction (congestion) and I gain weight, even from cauliflower pizza with only 1/2 c. of cheese on the entire pizza that serves 2, or 1-2 Tbsp. of oil on two salads a day. Guess every body handles Keto differently.

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