Egg beaters: The stupidest product in the world?

Egg Beaters

Only in America. How about a REAL EGG PRODUCT to lower your cholesterol?

Let’s find out how “real” this is.

Nutrition facts…

Egg Beaters

Let’s compare the ingredients to a real egg. A real egg, as you know, has no other ingredients. This REAL EGG PRODUCT is something else:

Ingredients: Egg whites, Flavor, Color, etc. etc., Xantan Gum, Guar Gum, Maltodextrin.

Only fake industrial food-like products need stuff like that.

Does this fake food product lower your cholesterol? Sure. Eating low fat products lowers your good HDL cholesterol. And a lower HDL means your risk of heart disease is higher.

Time to end the insanity

Why not have all the real eggs you want instead? The way nature designed them. Perfectly healthy great tasting real food that doesn’t even have a list of ingredients:



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