Coconuts: tropical LCHF

Cayman Islands Coconuts

Many people who eat LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) like coconut fat. It’s absolutely healthy – and almost only saturated fat.

Coconuts do not contain saturated fat to poison you, on the contrary people in the tropics eating lots of them were traditionally fit and almost free from western diseases. So, why are coconuts full of saturated fat? An explanation is coming shortly…

As our LC-cruise stopped at the Cayman Islands last week I had a closer look at these nuts.

Toward Grand Cayman

Since our gigantic cruise ship could not anchor at the pier we had to take a small boat to shore. As usual, the ceiling was low:

Cayman Island Coconuts


As you arrive ashore from the cruise ship you are of course welcomed by lots of people trying to sell you stuff. However, this was interesting:

Cayman Islands Coconuts

These green coconuts are not quite ripe yet. The good thing about this is that they have coconut water inside that makes a nice tropical drink on a hot day. There is a tiny amount of sugar in it but hardly any compared to a soda.

One end of the coconut is chopped off with a machete and it’s a miracle someones finger is not chopped off as well. I decided just to pose with one:

Cayman Islands Coconuts

Above you can also see a coconut with one end chopped off and a straw added.

When you are finished drinking the rest is opened:

Cayman Islands Coconuts

The white stuff is the coconut meat. Full of fat. In a ripe coconut (brown, not green) there is more coconut meat and less water.

The fat in coconuts is 90% saturated. As I wrote, the reason is not so that they can induce heart attacks in tourists, although a few badly updated professors might still think so. No, this is real food, healthy food.

Warm climate

The fat in coconuts is probably saturated because it gives it a good consistency in a tropical climate were temperatures can be, like, 100 degrees F. Polyunsaturated fat (such as canola oil) would be very runny in this heat and couldn’t build the structure of a coconut.

Now, consider for a moment what temperature your body has. Your body and its myriad of cells, all partly constructed with saturated fats.


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