Why Americans are obese

At the New York airport it once again became apparent why Americans are the fattest people on earth. One of the most popular places sold “all-natural nonfat frozen yogurt” and the lines were long.

No fat. So what did they get instead?

Soda, juice, chocolate, berries, fruit, bread and cakes. That is, sugar and starch.

They even sold some “Swedish” candy:

Swedish Red Fish

Why Americans are fat

Most Americans are so afraid of fat that “nonfat yogurt” can be called “all-natural” without anybody thinking it sound weird. Instead of real food many people eat mainly sugar and starch.
Why are they the fattest people on earth? That’s why.

Another option

Eat real food


Why Americans are obese, part 2


  1. Funderaren
    Well, we swedes are not that much better Doc. ;)

    But yes, starch and sugar is not a good thing to replace fat with. And if it wernt for two very vocal doctors we swedes would be just as fat scared.

  2. So true! I used to be one of those eating only sugar and starch. Even worse, I thought I was healthy...
  3. Doesn't sound very natural to me.


  4. What? You mean to tell me that Swedish Red Fish are not from Sweden? :-) Great seeing you on the cruise! Here's my cruise report:


    I'll be writing about Dreamfields later in the week!

  5. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Thats great, I'll put up a link on my Swedish blog soon!
  6. I have to admit that I used to LOVE the "Swedish fish" when I was a kid. They would not pass my lips now.
  7. Chris B
    "...“nonfat yogurt” can be called “all-natural” without anybody thinking it sounds weird."

    Yes, and you can find the oxymoronic "non-fat half and half" on the shelf in any grocery store and nobody thinks that sounds weird either.

  8. Marci
    I get real loud in grocery stores now .... I'll pick up a can of beans, for example, and read the label for added sugar and if it has it, I say something like HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP??? IN BEANS??? ARE THEY KIDDING???? and then I put it back on the shelf. I do the same thing trying to find FULL FAT plain yogurt too. HAHA! Gotta do what you can!!
  9. When I finally got over my fear of fat, I started feeling way healthier!
    We need to distinguish between good fats and bad fats.
  10. I used to subscribe to the low fat dogma in college, and then got married right out of it into a family that uses butter and whole milk. I thought they were nuts, but I did my own research and realized that I had been brainwashed. So, I started using more butter and drinking whole milk, and guess what? I'm thinner and healthier now than when I was in college!
  11. Depirts
    My high fat plain yogurt used to have 1 carb per tablespoon. I would put 2 tbsps with some blueberries and a little Stevia for a nice dessert. One day I was telling a friend how much I liked this high fat yogurt and how it had only 1 carb per tbsp, then she looked at it & showed me it had 9 carbs. I couldn't understand it. They had changed the ingredients, it now contains powered skim milk. What a disappointment! I've learned not to get complacent with my groceries and check the ingredients every time. I'm worth it!
  12. Hannah
    It's really easy to make your own full fat yogurt if you have a thermos. You have to buy yogurt the first time to start it, and you need a thermometer and milk, that's it. It tastes great and I guess you would only have the same amount of carbs as in whatever milk you use.
  13. susie
    When you calculate carbs you've eaten during the day, do you include say the carbs in the avocado you've eaten even though it doesn't raise your blood sugar? Also, how many carbs would you recommend people take in per day?
  14. gbl
    Dr. Andreas have you read this New York Times article? Dieters are obese becasue of biology: our bodies take us back to the original weight. Sooner or later, and even on low carb and very low calorie, for years. What do you say to this? This means, all those reading here will fail. Eventually. Or do you have some different "science?"

    After the Biggest Loser: Their bodies fought back.


    Really, until you can answer this question, your diet is the same as any diet. Quick success, lasting failure. Prove me wrong.

    Reply: #15
  15. Krista
    This site actually has some good analyses to just this. Look at Jason Fung's lectures/work/articles on this, and he actually analyzes the biggest loser and explains the regains. Fascinating stuff!
    Here's one of his videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETkwZIi3R7w

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