VFF + Suit. A new trend?

As the readers of my Swedish blog agreed that VFF + suit was a good combination I tried it out the other night. My girlfriend almost threatened to leave me, but most other guests just enjoyed it. Above you can see the result together with three extra sharp dressed guys from the Swedish group.

Flip or flop?


  1. JonasG
    Hilarious! It will be high fashion one day!
  2. Göran Appelgren
    Never mind the slippers - where are your tuxedo ;)
  3. Andreas - you've started a new trend!
  4. Laurie Rosen
    Andreas, I'd say it's a flip... but I can see why she threatened to leave you lol!! At least they are the same colour. As they say in "The Shawshank Redemption", "When you think about it, How many times do you really look at a man's shoes" :)
  5. George Phillips
    Definitely a 'Flip'!

    Over 3 years of VLCD to low carb and 18 months primal I've been resisting the final 'call of the wild' in the form of VFF's! They are just so 'in your face'! Your photo has persuaded me otherwise, Doc, you look cool!

    Time to get a pair.

  6. 'Flip,' absolutely!
  7. Joe
    The height helps, though. I mean, who's going to tell you to take them off? :-)
  8. Cindy
    The Shawshank comment by Laurie made me look at your shoes because I was just looking at the very nice suits. Indeed, I did not look at your shoes. LOL I love the sharp looking suits!
  9. I am SO doing that next year, Andreas! GREAT IDEA!!!
  10. Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt, MD Team Diet Doctor
    Haha, looking forward to seeing that Jimmy! :)
  11. Dana
    The REALLY brave part will be if someone wears them with an evening gown! Oh, don't tempt me... one of these years I'll go!

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