Sugar Coated exposes Big Sugar’s sweet little lies

The movie Sugar Coated had its US premiere a week ago, and now I’ve had the privilege of seeing it. If you’re at all interested in the sweet little lies of Big Sugar, this is a movie for you.

Do you want to know exactly how Big Sugar’s tactics mirror the lies of Big Tobacco fifty years ago? What shameless tactics they use to keep fooling the world – everyone you know – as long as possible?

The story starts with exposed internal sugar industry documents, as described by science writer Gary Taubes a couple of years ago. And the movie ends where we stand today, with Big Sugar in the media spotlight and on the brink of disaster. It’s an interesting ride.

The only problem with the movie is we don’t get to see the end, because it hasn’t happened yet. Will Big Sugar somehow manage to keep fooling everyone?

I wouldn’t bet on it, no matter how many sleazy scientists and experts they keep buying. Their fall from power seems to be very near. And this movie will only accelerate it.

Watch it

Watch the trailer for Sugar Coated above. If you live in the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa or Australia you can watch the movie online as video on demand.

Have you seen the movie? What did you think about it? Leave a comment below.

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