Diet coke helps weight loss more than water, media reports – based on Coca-Cola funded report

Professor Peter Rogers

Professor Peter Rogers

WOW! Drinking Diet Coke is apparently, possibly, maybe BETTER than water for weight loss!

The report is based on this study, which contains no new research but summarizes the authors’ views on all earlier studies – clearly an exercise that introduces lots of subjectivity and bias.

That could be OK. Except the lead author quoted in all the media above, Professor Peter Rogers, has been funded by Sugar Nutrition UK for many years, to “research” satiety effects of sugar-containing drinks. And Sugar Nutrition UK is funded by UK sugar manufacturers. Hmmm.

And it goes on. This present study from Professor Peter Rogers and his colleagues was funded by ILSI Europe, a group funded by companies like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo.

In plain talk that means Coca-Cola money in Professor Rogers’ pocket, for services rendered.

Professor Rogers’ co-authors include one person funded by the Dutch Sugar Bureau, one funded by a sweetener company (Canderel), two employees and shareholders in companies that manufacture products containing sugars and sweeteners, and finally one employee of ILSI Europe (funded by Coca-Cola etc.).

This is perhaps the most blatantly biased “science” I’ve seen. It’s like reading marketing material for the beverage industry. Unfortunately some media has fallen for it, and the “study” will surely be cited by a lot of people who want to sell you their diet drinks.

It’s yet another example of how Coca-Cola and other beverage companies pervert the science and confuse the public, harming people, to sell more of their products. But that can be expected. What’s unfortunate is that some scientists still sell out to them.


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  1. buttons73
    Not surprised the Mail reported on this. The Daily Mail(Fail) is possibly the worst "news"paper published in the UK.
  2. Elizabeth
    Professor Peter Rogers is an "accessory to murder" for deliberately killing millions of people.
    Every person who is complicit in killing others for financial gain is a murderer. Most of these accessories would never have the courage to pick up a weapon and kill someone, but they can be enticed by money and power to be complicit in the murder as long as they won't get caught.

    This is not about SCIENCE, it is about selling their soul and the lives of others who trust them as authorities in their field, in order to get financial gain.

    I hope that new class action lawsuits are filed every day until their financial losses exceed their gains and they no longer find it "profitable" to commit "subtle" murder.

    Obviously we can not appeal to their conscience because they have none. But we can appeal to their pocketbooks and hopefully in the not too distant future, their pocketbooks will be as empty as their conscience.

    CON = Without Science = Truth. A person's conscience should recognize when something is not true and make corrections accordingly.

    A person motivated by money and power only recognizes when something is not profitable to themselves.

    Take away their profit and they will go do something else.

    Reply: #4
  3. Apicius
    Don't you just love that wry smirk on his face?

    I can just picture it now. Him saying something like, "well, you see, it's all about eating in "moderation". Like me, I'm not fat because I control calories in calories out."

  4. Brian
    A bit dramatic don't you think? I love Coke Zero and drink copious amounts of it. I'm also single digit BF percent and in excellent condition. While I agree that it would be ideal to not drink any diet soda, people aren't dying of CV disease because of it.
  5. Peter Phelps
    I was very thirsty the other evening while waiting for my train. I went to the vending machine to buy a bottle of water only to find water was $6 a bottle while coke (which occupied every slot but one) was $3.30. Then we wonder why the nation is obese.

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